Chapter Four: "Take Two and Call Me in the Morning."

Both Sen and Doi looked up from the dismantled hard drive on the table in front of them as the door to the tech lab slid open and a tall man in a dripping coat stepped in.

Sen shot Doi a look that said, "Why doesn't he have to be 'identified'?"

Doi replied with a smile that said, "It's only because I like to tease you, baby."

Sen's look replied, "Don't call me baby."

Doi rolled his eyes and turned to the man. "Alex, take that coat off, right now. I'll not have dripping all over my beautiful machines."

"As if scrap metal could ever be beautiful," Sen muttered, but the man complied.

Alexander – nick-named Alex – was a tall man, and very thin. He looked somewhat scrawny, but he had some muscle hidden away somewhere. His skin was usually pale, and it contrasted with his dark brown curls. His eyes were a dark chocolate brown, and had the ability to convey all of his emotions, even if the rest of his face was impassive. He pulled up a chair and sat to Sen's left, crossing his legs in a way that was both feminine and masculine at the same time. Sen watched him from the corner of her eye; she always wished she could have as much grace as this man.

"So, what brings you here, Alex?" Sen asked, glancing back at Doi, who had gone back to working on her hard drive.

When he didn't reply, one look at his face told her. "Another rendezvous?"

He nodded and Sen thought it over for a moment. Alex had a position similar to Sen's. He was considered a "liaison", and he met with other gangs and took care of obnoxious spies that always tried to get into Lotus. From the look of things, that was what Alex had just done.

"So, you'll be bringing me your computer, too?" Doi asked, not looking up from his work.

"Yes," Alex replied with a short nod. "That's yours, Sen?" he inquired, turning his gaze to the only woman in the room.

"Yea," she replied, placing her elbow on the table and resting her chin on her hand.

"Yea, well, at least he knows what's a computer and what's not," Doi muttered darkly, carefully loosening an impossibly small screw.

Sen rolled her eyes and ignored this comment, turning back to Alexander. "But, you didn't bring your computer with you, Alex. What really brings you here?"

Alex smiled slightly, looking down at Sen through his lashes. "Actually, I was looking for my favorite doctor . . ." he looked over at Doi, and Sen raised an eyebrow.

"I prescribe your usual dose of booze and chicks," Doi began, pausing to blow some dust off the microchips. "Take two call me in the morning."

Alexander glanced at Sen for a moment before standing up and stretching a bit. "All right. See you tomorrow, then." With that, he left, picking his coat up off the table.

After a moment, Sen commented dryly, "Oh, yea. Great advice, Doi. You should start a firm, or something."

"Oh, come on," Doi replied exasperatedly. "You just wish you were his regular dose of chicks."

Sen gave a snort of laughter. "Chick? My ass."

Doi looked up at her innocently. "Hey, you have a nice ass. You should give it more respect."

The woman calmly landed a swift punch to his jaw before standing up and leaving silently.

Doi winced and brought a hand to his defiled face. "Damn, why can't she just bitch-slap me?"


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