"I Can't Offer You Coffee Because We're Out"


My heart bursts with ignorance,

It's the best I've ever thought,

Because if ignorance is bliss,

Then this kiss will leave me caught,

Right in the trenches,

Falling up your brain's dimensions,

And it's the only place I'd ever want to feel God's pretentiousness.

It's me,

It's all I have to give,

One life to die for,

And many more to live,

And not just mine,

But the lives of all the men,

And women who sacrificed their way of life for them,

And maybe you don't understand,

But it's fine because I do,

And maybe you don't want to love,

And it's fine because it rings true.

No matter this outcome,

I will overcome,

The many problems that have set me back,

Will soon be on the run,

For I will smite them,

With the power of thirty women,

It's just too bad that you don't see or feel me,

The way that 30 can.

And if I begin the numbers game,

I'm sure it will bring to light,

The fact that I can't handle numbers,

No matter how I fight,

No matter how I feel,

No matter what you pay mind to or if it's even real.

It's me,

It's all I have to say,

One heart to speak out to,

And many more to blame,

For these feelings,

That I seem to have for you,

My Goddess,

If only each reciprocal were true,

Then I could win,

But I fear I must give in,

Because God's ways are ways that make average men feel thin,

Too thin to continue to fight,

And too thin to bring you in,

It's too much of a plight to bring you in...

So you're out.