Pain in the Night

Veils of cloud, a darkened shroud

Conceals the moon at night

A howl begins, a mournful wind

Mortal souls take fright

Footsteps fleeing the shadow being

Hiding just out of sight

A piercing scream, no more than a dream

In the shadows by the back door

A cry again – long-suffered pain

And still he longs for more

Fading the sound as she drops to the ground

Her blood on the creature's jaw

A creature of sin with ivory skin

And hot fury ablaze in his eye

Killing en-mass, he shatters like glass

Souls as he's claiming his prize

No creature of light, owned by the night

As pale as the moon in the sky

A dark brotherhood, hunters of blood

Immortal as the world without end

Misunderstood, no chance to do good

No prospect of making a friend

Cursed to make others bleed in order to feed

Broken souls that never shall mend