I'm not going to bother with a intro just yet, I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this. Though wherever it is, it should be interesting.


Chapter 1 A Hunt

Gage bounded through the cold powder, leaping from branch to stone, trying to leave as little trail as he could. He grinned a cat grin, his whiskers fluffing out as he thought of those pursuing him. Let them chase, they would never catch him. He paused raising his nose in the air, his mouth open slightly to better taste the scents riding the cool breeze, there, a hint of them, just where he expected them to be. He looked up and leaped, careful not to scar the wood with his claws as he pulled himself up on the thick branch above his head.

Running swiftly along the broad branch he leaped to the next tree, eventually circling wide and to the south. They only thought him a dumb cat, like any other. Once he found the tree he was looking for he jumped down to the patch of wind bared earth he had been aiming for.

Shivering as he felt the welcome heat of the change ripple across his skin, his fur bristled then receded, then his limbs moved, bone creaking as it shifted into new shapes and muscles slid to their new positions. Mildly uncomfortable at this point he finished the change, shivering again, but this time with cold as the wind blew over bare flesh. He hugged his arms around himself and hurried to the gap in the tree he had hidden his clothing.

Burr, he thought to himself as he pulled on his pants and shirt. He quickly donned his boots, then his coat and hat. Shivering for a moment he huddled in the shelter of the tree, before picking up his bag and turned to walk to his camp.

Reve stepped from behind the tree, she had found the clothing earlier and had wondered who it belonged to. She had kept watch to see who would come to reclaim it and what she had just seen shocked her. At first the snow leopard jumping down from the tree had made her catch her breath, so beautiful. She had kept still from wonder, watching the beast, then it changed and she stared at the man who stood shivering where the cat had been. Still beautiful, she thought with a grin. She watched as he swiftly dressed, then turned to walk away.

She followed the best she could, grumbling she tripped and fell into a higher drift in her hurry to follow the man. By the time she pulled herself out she couldn't see him walking anymore, her heart sank, she so loved a good mystery.

Turning, she dusted herself off and looked up, freezing when she saw him leaning against a tree, watching her with his golden eyes.