Rain, rain, come back

Eventually, after a lot of begging and bribing, Cerise found herself being dragged into the dark gloomy forest and up to what was probably the scariest tree she had ever seen.

Cerise, Brenna and Maeve all sat down on a big rock shaped like a snake.

Zyta said she would rather stand…

Then they watched the boys search all around for something, dropping Blaze by the girls as they returned, they all began to discuss something that sounded like it was important.

"You know they will be coming here, very soon, Zero," Grimshaw said rubbing his shoulders.

"I know… but these trees are high enough and easy to climb. We will just have to keep our eyes out for them and if they come we can just climb the trees."

"Who?" Zyta asked her teeth chattering slightly as she spoke. After all, this place was kind of cold.

"The Necromancers," Glacier replied quietly, as they heard a scream echo around the dark forest.

Suddenly, a whole army of dead things jumped out of the trees and bushes all round them.

Cerise stood still, a horrified look spread across her now pale face, then Zero scooped her and Zyta up in his arms and darted up the tree—two huge white wings shooting out of his back. He finally stopped on the very top branch and wrapped his wings around the two girls.

Not much time passed, before Grimshaw, Brenna, Maeve, Glacier and Blaze all appeared in the top branches as well.

"I don't think you had to bring him," Grimshaw said to Glacier, nodding toward Blaze who hung limp over Glacier's shoulder.

"No… we can't screw it up again. We need to make sure no one dies until we are finished," Zero replied, glancing at the forest floor to see if any of the Necromancers had followed them.

"So, we got away, right?" Grimshaw asked already knowing the answer by the look on Zero's face, but still hopping that somehow he was just seeing things again.

"No. There is one coming up here… No one breath."

Cerise took in a deep breath, just as the Necromancer appeared on the top branch, but as soon as it got there, it looked at them with a barely visible confused look crossing its face, from beneath the hood of its torn leather cloak. It started to panic, but suddenly its head shot in Zero's direction, as it slowly approached him leaning its face in closer until it was just inches from Zero. The creature began to make a strange hissing type of sound until Zero spit in his face.

After that, the Necromancer let out a sickening scream that sounded as if it should be followed by a scream of "I'm melting! I'm melting!" and plummeted to the ground.

Everyone gave a sigh of relief, as Zero leaned toward the edge again to see if they were gone.

"OK, we are safe for now. But we can't leave the tree until they get bored and leave,"

Well, Cerise thought that it might be about 10 minuets 20 tops…

2 hours later and not a single Necromancer had left.

Cerise had tried many things to entertain herself. Probably the best was playing with the feathers that fell or were pulled from Zero's wings… of which Cerise had refrained from mentioning---as she expected that she might get the same answer for all of the questions she asked; nothing.

Cerise stared at his wings wondering if they were just some sort of weird side affect of being on this crazy planet, 'I wonder if eventually I will sprout wings and will be able to make a sword materialize from my sleeves…' she jumped slightly leaving her thoughts as Zero spoke up.

"If only it would rain…" Zero muttered "Then we could leave."

"Rain, rain, come back," Glacier replied, with a bit of song clinging to his words.

"We never actually established what your costume was Brenna," Cerise replied in an attempt to change the subject.

"Well, I was thinking I was just going to say I was the grim reaper but then I meet him…"

Zyta glanced at her clothing raising an eyebrow… she wore a pair of dark blue jeans and a black and red shirt that had the words when squirrels attack written across the front.

"Are you the new age grim reaper?" Zyta asked, a smile passing her gray lips.

"Sure" Brenna muttered.

"Hey, I think they're finally leaving," Zero replied peering over the edge of the tree branches.

"Hey, isn't that Anku?" Glacier replied happily, he then stood up and walked to the edge of the tree branch (well as far as he could go before the branch snapped in half) and yelled, "Hey Anku what's up!?!"

'well, us, obviously' Cerise though, following him to the edge of the branch and peering over it. Instantly she wished she hadn't 'we're really up high… aren't we' her mind seemed to speak to her as she slowly backed up until from their spot way up in the branches they could barely hear Anku say.

"Oh my… not you" which was then followed by him turning to the Necromancers and saying, "I though you said you had found the runaways… not them... I really don't need this right now," there was then a strange gurgling noise and following that Anku spoke up again.

"Well, sorry doesn't get them off of Vertumnus does it?! Fine, all right, come down here. I promise I won't sick the Necromancers on you, but Glacier if you hug me, then I will be forced to let them do what they want with you," coming down from the tree was all a big blur for Cerise.

All she could remember was staring at the hundreds of dead things, standing around the tall dark familiar man and thinking that she would definitely never taste vegetarian pizza… but as soon as her foot touched the ground, Anku made his way toward them and spoke up.

"What are you guys still doing here? You found Glacier, I thought you would be long gone by now… Its almost been two days since you were in my house."

"Oh really, well we lost track off time you see we were kidnapped."

"Now I know why you're still here. Oh, and I see you even collected Blaze… I thought you would have either left him or killed him... again you know after what he did."

"What did he do?" Zyta asked, smiling hopefully.

"Uh hum. Well I should probably help you get on your way, after all, you still have a lot of catching up to do… heh heh. Why don't they remember anything?" Anku replied pulling Zero aside and breaking into a whisper.

"I don't know… Zyta started to remember a little, but not enough." Zero replied giving an exasperated sigh.

"Well, try coaxing them along a little,"

Cerise raised an eyebrow and started scooting closer, hoping to hear more but their mini group huddle broke, as soon as she was close enough to hear any more.

"OK… well when you get there Zero, just try not to touch anything," Anku replied his voice rising, as he hoped to disguise their private conversation as just some semi important info.

"I don't have any more time to chit chat, so, bye," with that said, the eight disappeared in a flash of fire and when Cerise opened her eyes, she found they were standing in front of a gas station… But there were a few problems that she saw around her; 1.) everyone looked strange, Zyta was all black and white---her red black hair was now completely black with hints of gray, her once pink and black shirt now gray and black and so on and so forth and it seemed as though she had literally stepped out of a black and white movie… 2.) Of all Brenna looked like a female version of Anku… with the eyeliner, tattoos and everything. 3.) All of Cerise's thoughts were rhyming… badly.

And to top it off… Maeve was now a pink and yellow m&m.