is just a glitter lie
like the promises he spoke of,
and maybe this is just the sugar high
of a caffeine addict/ girl so tragic
talking to you
but maybe I'm too lost
to understand and realize,
that they aren't laughing with me
(they aren't even there to laugh anymore.)
Least, thats what I want
thats what I pretend I'm longing for.
I always just wanted to be
the candy girl nothing that bled on his floor
You see, I'm just not lost enough
and it will never be enough
to drown you in.
This fairytale euphoria
and trying to get lost in my mind
(and its imaginary cyanide)
will never be enough
to successfully drown in.

If I can't be everything to him
why can't I be nothing to them?
And why can't the story ever end?

I'd give anything just to drown.