Title: A Virgin State of Mind

Rating: PG

Author's Note: I wrote this poem about a character that I often explore. Enjoy.

the epitome of darkness

apart from the rest

a vision of singularity

I listen to no one

answer to Nothing

the absence of her pulse perfects the Notion of tranquility

a doll of porcelain, bereft of any last vestige of sanity

the slightest of touches like the whisper of dusty emerald

a velvet seductress

entranced by her,

She casts a veil over your judgment

despite the bloodstained promise ere broken

a panther, crouched to strike

in this turbulent nightmare of sugar silly string

come on shy girl

as queer as black sunshine


puerile frivolity wasted

on trying to


wasted is time once luxuriant

breath, carelessly stolen

and she's bored now