Authors Note: Hey. My first story. Eee. Exciting. Ahem. Well its kind of clichéd but who cares, eh? Er- hopefully not you. You pronounce Margot, ' mar-go '. Please don't make me tell you how to pronounce Angelica, Julia or Chase or I'll have to worry about your mental state.

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Chapter 1

" Julia! Why are you making such a big deal of this? " An exasperated voice suddenly exclaimed, causing several students passing the door of the girls restroom to jump in shock.

The owner of said voice was a very pretty girl with black hair, clad in black jeans with several chains hanging from her pockets. Her shirt was also black with the band ' Slipknot ' printed out in electrifying blue. Oh, and very, very pale. So pale that when you got up close you were somewhat frightened as her pitch black hair and eyes stood stark against the whiteness that was her flesh.

" Because it's going to be the death of you, Angie! " A small girl exclaimed and she threw her hands up to the air. Said girl had blonde hair and a very small body. She was pretty if not quite as beautiful as her friend. Dressed casually in jeans and a white halter-top, she was not preppy but definitely not a metal head as dear Angelica so clearly was.

" Honestly, what do you think I'm going to do? Swallow the joint and choke to death? Really, Jules! It's not going to bring death! " Her exasperated expression soon turned to one of amusement as she pictured someone choking on a joint.

" It's no laughing matter Angelica! One day you'll be so stoned you'll crash and end up killing yourself and others! How can you even think of starting this shit up again? You promised me you'd never smo – "

Her words were cut short when a pretty blonde girl decided to walk in just then. " Hey, do you even realize we can hear you out there? And, which one of you is it that smokes? Because hey, my mom told me to never be a quitter and neither should you! "

All this was said in such a preppy manner that neither girl could not help but to roll their eyes.

" Anyway, stoners are so weird. They smell bad and – "

" Just leave. "

" But – "

" Save yourself some dignity, woman! " An exasperated Julia finally shouted and was extremely annoyed when said girl approached the faucet and began washing her hands slowly.

" You never know how many germs you can contract just being in the presence of stoners. " She stated cheekily before finally exiting the restroom after several minutes and headaches later.

Angelica who had remained silent the whole time finally stated, " She was cute. Maybe she's a les – "

" Girls! What are you doing here? " Once again they were interrupted but this time by the principal Mrs. Williams. Both girls jumped in surprise. " You're supposed to be in the gym young ladies. Get your schedules. "

They consented and left for the gym.

Later, after being hassled by many a frazzled teacher they settled in the bleachers.

" You know the chick that interrupted us in the bathroom? " Julia questioned Angelica and was rewarded with a grunt of affirmation. " Well, her name is Margot. School slut. Word has it that she and Coach Davis made with the bad. "

Angelica chuckled in amusement.

" It also appears that she'll do anyone. Man, woman, " Angelicas interest was suddenly caught, " and Animal. "

" What?! "

Margot was in a good mood. She'd already pissed someone off only 10 minutes into school. She turned to her best bud since kindergarten Chase Garner. Buff and with a good sense of fashion he was a very good bud to have as he attracted many beautiful girls.

She stood patiently in line to retrieve her schedule, clutching at Chase's arm.

" So, I met a very cute man yesterday. Shall I tell you about it? " Chase questioned. Oh, did she forget to mention this very beautiful man was bisexual?

" M'hm. " She murmured somewhat distracted. She registered him going on about the man he had met and how they'd become hot and heavy. M'hm. Sure. That's nice. She uttered several times. Then, she caught sight of something tall and dressed in all black. She recognized it as the girl in the bathroom and her extremely rude friend.

" Hey Chase? "

Her friend stopped midway into his story.

" Yes? "

" Do you know them? " She pointed in the two girls direction.

" Do I know them? Of course I know them, " He scoffed, and accepted his schedule from the older woman who held it out to him and waited patiently till Margot received her schedule and they began walking to the bleachers, "The ' I-Wear-All-Black-Tremble-Before-Me' girl is Angelica Torres. Most of the population calls her Miss Suicide. She's a senior. "

He paused to settle on the bleachers before continuing. " The girl has tried to commit suicide twice. Sad. K. Now, the small girl? Biggest ditz you'll ever meet in your life! She goes by Julia, and boy do I hate her. " He continued to spout off numerous insults unaware that Margot was no longer listening but instead staring in Angelica's direction. Margot was very pleased when the older girl looked in her direction and offered a small grin. " Like to tap that. " She murmured to herself.

A few minutes later the bell rang despite the groans of the student body and Margot was off to biology. Oh joy. She gave Chase a hug before dashing off to her class.

And who do you think she found settled in the back of the class and next to the only empty seat in the class? Angelica Torres. Oh. This would be interesting, she decided.