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Chapter 2

Is that- that's- aw, shit. Angelica arched a brow, and leaned back into her chair, propping a foot on the back of the chair in front of her, pausing to grin at the disgruntled boy who had turned to give her a dirty look.

She resumed her assessment of the supposed animal raper.

Tits could be bigger, she grinned to herself but immediately stopped when it seemed Margot was making her way towards her and the seat next to her. She was extremely surprised when the girl offered her a blinding smile and a cheery, " Hey! How are you? "

" Uh.. Hey. I'm good. " She drawled slowly, raising a few fingers of the desk in a lazy wave.

" That's good. " The girl murmured, setting into the seat and proceeding to organize her folder. A few seconds later, Angelica was still gazing at her and the girl made no reaction or at least acted like she didn't see her.

With a sigh Angelica turned around and propped her face in her hand, and was contemplating going to sleep when she noticed that Ms. Animal Raper was staring intently at her. A half-smile growing on her face she turned toward her. "Hey. "

The moment Margot had entered the class room she'd realized the only open seat was next to Angelica, and she wasn't annoyed, in fact, she'd smiled to herself realizing what a great opportunity it was to annoy the girl and maybe cause the girl to lose her cool. What could she say? She was a bitch.

So, she'd made her way to the seat and had uttered the cheeriest greeting she could.

Angelica had more or less grunted her answer and continued to gaze at her until she became bored of watching her mess about with her folder.

And then Margot had taken advantage of the change to take her own 'assessments '.

She was pretty, yeah, but sheesh, how much eyeliner did the girl honestly think she needed?

She idly wondered if the black hair was natural, and was slowly allowing her eyes to drift lower when she realized the girl had turned around and obviously caught her checking her out. And what do you do when you're caught checking someone out? Nod at the person and acknowledge that you'd been caught. Which was exactly what she did.

"Hey. "

"Hey. "

Margot grinned.

" So, uh.. Why is Slipknot so popular? I mean, isn't Gwen Stefani so much better? "

She did not just ask me that. Wow. Maybe she is a huge ditz. Angelica was honestly amused and couldn't help the laugh that escaped her.

" I dunno… Hey, why is Britney Spears' so popular? Cuz' hey ICP is pimp. "

Angelica laughed and was soon joined by an equally amused Margot.

So, exactly 30 minutes later the bell rang for the next class. Angelica paused and frowned. Well, damn. She'd actually been enjoying their conversation, which after comparing Gwen Stefani to Slipknot had eventually ended up to Kurt Cobain and Justin Timberlake.

" See ya'. " Margot chirped, grabbing her purse and dashing to the door leaving a bewildered Angelica in her wake.

Angelica shrugged it off, grabbed her backpack and exited the classroom, hands stuffed into her pockets. She strolled down the hallway, mind fixated on the preppy girl. Well, she didn't want to stay she was attracted to her because it was way to soon, but she definitely enjoyed the girls company. So far, at least.

What is she doing in a senior class? Hm, must be smart too. I might pass if I copy her. Pleased with the way her day was going, she didn't even bother to scowl at the numerous people in the hallway.

Minutes later as she entered her PE class wondering why the hell she didn't bother getting her credit freshman year she spotted, much to her surprise Margot yet again, standing next to an enraged Chase who in turn was yelling at an equally enraged Julia.

With a frown she sauntered over, smiling at Margot who once again chirped her greetings in an extremely over the top voice.

" Uh, why are you two fighting? " She questioned, placing a calming hand on Julia's shoulder.

" This little fruit-cake is upset because I spilt water on his shoes! "

" Suede shoes! " Chase spit, stepping closer as if he wanted to actually physically harm Julia.

Alarmed, Angelica and Margot both stepped in-between the toe. Though Angelica was certain that her blonde haired friend could take care of herself.

With a noise the resembled an enraged hippo in Angelica's opinion, Julia grabbed her and hauled her off to the bleachers.

The two discussed whether or not Chase was over-reacting, and though Angelica decided to herself that she would have been annoyed also she didn't voice her opinionbut merely nodded along to whatever Julia was saying.

" Gosh, what a bastard. I could just kill him, what about you? "

" Yup, me too. "

She sighed and glanced over at Margot who was having a difficult time calming Chase down.

" Chase. Calm. Down. Now. " Margot snapped, tired of dealing with his over the top antics. " You can buy new shoes. "

" I don't want to but new shoes! " He snarled, leaning against the wall and crossing his arms, now apparently refusing to talk to her.

Margot glanced up at and caught the gaze of Angelica who laughed, and waved at her.

She's nice. She decided, turning around and realizing that Chase had seen their little display and was giving her a ' What the fuck ' look.

" What?! "