Like the air I breathe

The wind that blows upon my skin

Like the sun that brightens me up

The light that touches upon my face

My poetry

My anger

The very thought of hatred

Rage rushing

Burst of emotion

Violence. Black and blue

Velvet darkness conquers my heart

My poetry

My sadness

The weary feeling of loneliness

Time slipping into an everlasting doom

Tears and blood dripping

Flowing incessantly. Flooded

Abandoned in night

My poetry

My joy

The enlightening happiness

Glow behind the shadow

A smile painted upon my face

Laughter echoes

Melodic. Harmonious beating of my heart

My poetry

My silence

Depth in peace

Place of my escape

From the noise that the world brings

Time to think. Reflect

To seize the day, to taste each moment

My poetry

My love

The twisted feeling of loving

And being loved

All emotions mixed

One that completes

Lost souls finding its heart

My poetry


That I exist in


That fills me in


That my senses perceive


That I want or not to believe in


That builds me up


That destroys me within


That makes me, me.

Now, is it unfair to say

That you are only

My poetry?