Men: We are not all bad By snick mcnicket

Men the word that most women hate and think that all men are lairs,cheaters,losers,lowlifes, and scumbags. However this is moslty true sadly most men are no good for any woman however lets flip the coin here not all of you woman are good but i would say in this day and age 90 to 99 precent of men are losers,lairs,cheaters, and are pigs as you would say BUT! you have to remember that there is always 1 left at the very least if woman belive that there are no goodfellas or gentleman out there it's most likey they will never find there soulmate or gentleman however i would say that 80 precent of woman are lairs, and cheaters. But this is at least 20 less then men i know women see the shows jerry springer for one if a woman watched that show they might never date again but!!! Dont belive that! bottom line is At least 1 of men are good careing and want to find a soulmate 20 percentof woman are also looking for "the one" however dont give up ladies he's out there and maybe he's me or someone around you im gonna give you ladys some tips first off if you puck up your breasts a man is not gonna look at your face he will look down so dont use your breasts to get a man they will not find you a good one 2nd dont go to clubs or bars looking for a soulmate or "the one" becuase more then 98 precentof all clubbers and bar hoppers are not looking for soulmates they are looking for some girl to sleep with and then leave so if you want a man or a soulmate go to a swimming pool or go to a personal dateing service trust me they will work much better 3rd most important! alot of women belive that if he has a cute butt or a nice chest or a six pack on his chest that he is a wonderful man and a good looking dude well good looking dude he may be wonderful man? Mostly not! looks are not soulmates they are bodys of lust for most women if you just want a guy becuase he looks good thats fine but dont ask him to bare your child or be a man and make a family in most cases he will not! and why is that? because he is not a man! he's a boy toy or boy men dont play aorund with woman they marry them, bare there child and wants to be a dad THATS A MAN! so if you want some guy because of his butt or chest in most cases you wont find your soulmate im not saying that you have to date ugly guys but im saying dont go for looks go for personality! and go for a real man trust me they are out there and waiting for you to show up by the way in most cases if a man within a few days says "i love you and i wanna be with you always" 97 precent of the time he's a freaking lair! however 3 precentof men mean it so dont say he is a lair right away just ask him some things and take it very slow before you let him all the way into your life Get this into your heads too not all men dont care about you and your feelings some in fact do care!!! so dont totally bash us before you do make sure your man is a lair and dont care and the only thing he wants is in your pants trust me most men are that way they let there manhoods control there lives however there are men out there who use there brains not manhoods to proof there worth in life and love dont forget this i wrote this to prove and defend very man who is good careing and a real man! ladies the real men are waiting for you will you show up? also if you have something you want to tell your man tell him it so he can understand dont use words like "it's not you it's me" if you dont wanna be with him anymore just tell him "it's been a great time but i need more and you dont have it im sorry if i hurt you just know that i enjoyed the time we had and good luck in life"

now that is a good way to end it and now for my final note I am a man but im not a manhood im not asking for a date im not asking for anything not even a girlfriend im asking that all women just hear my words and try them out maybe there lives will get alot better with searching and looking for there soulmates life is a game enjoy it and best wishes.

the end.