Better Off
How forgetful I've grown...

It's only been, what?
Six months, maybe?

But I guess I never really
cared for any of it.

There wasn't much keeping
me there, after all.

I keep trying to focus on
important things,
but my priorities are
constantly changing.

I'm free while being locked

I'm sane although I
cannot find my mind.

It's a beautiful world, filled
with terror and blue skies.

I've grown - up, older,
further away from the
person I once was.

I can never tell what's for
better and what is truly worse.

I'm not empty, but... I'm
missing something all the same.

It hurts, if you let it get to

so... you don't let it.

You push those feelings away
until you can see yourself

And if you like what you
see, then you're better off
than us, the vast majority.

But I can love this place, if
I push myself enough.

TMK 1.19.2005