Year Four-Part One

Home Again

The dark cloud of death still hangs heavily over the land of Kiranai Hebun. Many tears were shed last year, and not for the Guardians alone. The special force known as "Kiba" decided to aid the group with their technology and military force.

The plan seemed flawless, attack Mushin while she was down, and finally take her out. Killing her, and freeing the world of her endless plague. Many lost their lives in the battle against Mushin during that war. Including Sento, the leader of Kiba himself. Along with Three other Guardians, the great Hebi Boya, Levina Ethos Verve, and Eve.

However, one woman had an entire different plan for the year. Okugi.

Okugi decided to take matters into her own hands and take out the Princesses, allowing Mushin to win the war. What she didn't know was that Mushin herself had tried the same thing many times over, and failed miserably.

Now the war it's self seemed at a stand still. Mushin would not attack the Princesses, and the Princesses would not attack Mushin. Would the war be over so soon?

Before all of this, the first Guardian lost their life, Mouko Kiei. He was the last of the original Five, and he was finally slew at the hands of his archenemy, the Black Wolf. What hatred would consume him in his fight against this beast? Would he still be able to see Akki as a friend? Would he still want to return to the group that had basically betrayed him and the woman who turned her back on him…?


Rose came crashing down hard onto the ground. Dirt was all in her hair, threatening to fall into her eyes. She shook her head lightly, trying to grasp the reality of what was around her. Last thing she remembered was jumping into the portal. She assumed that it was a good sign that she wasn't soak-n-wet now.

She brought her hands up by her head and struggled to pull herself up. A rush of thoughts and worried jumped into her head. All of them were daring her to get up and find out where she was. Find out if Kiei were anywhere around.

Once she was able to get to her feet, she was off again. There was no time to sit there and wait for him to come find her; she would have to search for him. Who cared that she was covered with dirt from head to foot, all that mattered was finding Kiei! Some how she broke into a mad dash, running full speed…somewhere. Her heart told her that he was there, somewhere, she just knew it!

As she was running, she began to notice the scenery around her. It was very woodsy, full of oak trees reaching up toward the true Heaven. The sky above was a beautiful shade of pink and purple, the colors of the setting sun. Wherever she was, it didn't matter, she had to find him before it was too late.

"Kiei!" screamed Rose. Her soul begged for an answer, but it's pleas fell on deaf ears. There was no response from anywhere, the forest reminded as silent as it had started. Rose didn't dare give up, she continued running, hoping that eventually she would run into him. Ready to jump into his arms again, ready to proclaim her love again.

"Kiei!" screeched a desperate plea from her lungs. It was scratchy, as if she had been screaming all night and didn't realize it. Maybe she had, she wasn't quite sure of anything, just that she had to find him. She had to find him. Had to…find him. Find…Kiei.

Her body gave up. She fell face first into the dirt again, which turned to small puddles of mud from her tears. Her nails dug deep into the soil, clawing, begging it to open up and give him back to her.

The only sound that filled the force was the sound of her endless tears. No creature stirred, no wind blew through the leaves, and no sounds of water rushing down a creek bed. Nothing except for Rose's gasps for breath and sniffle of tears.

Then came one of the most beautiful things she had ever heard.

"Ma'am, are you alright?"

Rose quickly turned her head to find a small child standing next to her. His straw berry blonde hair was rustled from play earlier that day, and his brilliant green eyes watched her like a predator. It might have frightened her, if it hadn't given her hope.

She smiled, and slowly wiped away her tears. "Yes, I'm fine little one," whispered Rose.

"I'm not little! I'm thirteen years old!"

The more Rose looked at the kid she realizes he was telling the truth. He wasn't as young as she thought he was…how weird. Rose struggled to pull herself to her feet, but eventually she made it. She almost fell back down, but she was able to stop herself. Her pink eyes glanced down at the slightly smaller child. He was looking up at her with eager eyes full of the will to play. She couldn't help but smile; it was a look she had seen many times before. From…Kiei.

She gasped, "Is there anyone else around here?"

The boy nodded, "Yup! My entire family is here! Come on! I want to introduce you to them! Especially my brother!"

Rose stood there in shock as the child took her hand. "Your…brother?"

"Yes, he's been gone so long! Finally he's come back to us! I can't wait till he sees you! You're just like that woman he was telling us about."

Tears filled her eyes again at the boy dragged her through the woods. Oh Kiei…I have missed you so…please…please let it be you!

Every step seemed agonizingly long. As though every step she took she took five more back. Still, the child in front of her was running at full speed, dragging her behind. Her mind was only playing tricks on her, hopefully.

The woods parted and opened up to a large open field. It was full of beautiful flowers: pinks, purples, blues, oranges, and reds. It was so beautiful that Rose felt like she had just stepped into some sort of dream.

Reality hit her square in the face, this was a dream. This was Kiei's Heaven, this is where he wanted to spend the rest of his existence.

Her eyes traveled around the group of kids playing in the field. They seemed so young, but in reality they were all about the same age as the first kid. Some of them were older, and they were taking care of the smallest ones.

The boy's eyes lit up and he took off running. This time he left Rose behind, be lining toward something. Rose watched in awe as the kid ran toward a man watching the rest of the group. It was a man she had seen many times before, who she had sworn herself to, the only man she would ever truly love. Her hands clasped over her mouth to keep from screaming in joy.

The boy jumped into the man's back and the tugged on the headband around his brother's head. The older one grimaced and pulled the kid off of him. Rose continued to watch the scene in awe, almost afraid to take Kiei away from such peace.

"Kiei!" exclaimed the boy, "I have someone I want you to meet! I think you're like her!"

"Well, of course if it's a girl I'll like her!"

Rose couldn't help but laugh, Kiei…you perv…

"Oh please, it's a just a girl!"

"You're thirteen, you should understand."

"Or NOT! The only girls I ever see are my own sisters!"

The looked at each other and stuck their tongues out at the same time, "Eww."

The kid them proceed to beat on Kiei's back while jumping up and down. "COME ON KIEI!! COME ON! YOU HAVE TO MEET HER!! COME ON!!"

"Shut up! I'm coming."

Rose watched in amazement as Kiei slowly got up to his feet. Every muscle in his body worked together for the task, reminding Rose just how strong he was. Every move he made was precise, perfect, deadly. If only he had actually been deadly enough to kill the Black Wolf.

Quickly Rose shook her head, That's over and done! He's here now! Ready to come back! Ready to be…happy…hopefully.

As he turned to face her it all seemed in slow motion. Every strand of hair, every tiny movement, everything. Finally he stopped with his eyes locked onto her. Rose smiled and slowly waved at him, trying to hold back her tears.

Though, he didn't return her excitement. This confused Rose, and she stopped waving. An instant later he was inches in front of her looking down at her with wide frighten eyes. He harshly grabbed her shoulders and slightly shook her.

"Kiei?" inquired Rose.

"What are you doing here!" snapped Kiei.

"I…I came to get you," whispered Rose.

The shock faded from his eyes and was replaced with excitement, "Really?" She nodded slowly, still afraid of what he might do next. He cheered in joy, and hugged her tightly to his chest. Finally Rose loosened up and hugged him tightly. She buried her head in his strong chest and began to cry. "What's wrong?"

"I'm just…so happy…"

"Well, first we have to get out of here before we run out of time. Let's go!"


Akki landed hard, but was able to keep his footing. All around him was an area he had come to know very well over his lifetime. It was the Forest on the Seventh Constellation, the home of the Amazons. Were this what he thought it was, it wouldn't be too hard to find Eve.

"AKKI!" a voice screamed. Just as he thought.

Eve came rushing out of the forest and straight toward him, arms opened wide. He decided she deserved even just a little hug. He opened his arms to greet her, and she slammed herself hard against him, wrapping her arms around him tightly. Akki felt as though all the life would be squeezed out of him. She didn't seem to notice, and just giggled with glee.

He smiled and patted her head, "Come on Eve, we've got to go back." She looked up at him and nodded.


Kouner screeched and she fell from the portal to the ground. She had forgotten just how harsh that thing was. Of course, she landed on her butt, ruining her brand new skirt. Oh well, at least on the First Constellation they could get as much clothes as they wanted, and they were all Akki's favorite word: FREE.

Looking around, she noticed that she was in the middle of a large wooden building. It's exquisite built was something that Kouner had never seen before, not in all of her studies. She quickly got back up to her feet and stared at the ceiling in awe.

Many buttresses and flying buttresses held the eloquent ceiling high above her head. She was scared for a second that the wood would fall at any moment, since each tiny thread of lace seemed to floating in air.

Wherever she was, the people who made this place sure had a lot of money.

"May I help you?" a voice asked.

Kouner finally looked to find a woman standing in front of her. The woman looked about forty, but the wrinkles around he eyes and lips lied saying she was older. Kouner smiled, and bowed toward the woman.

"Yes…um…can you tell me where I am?" asked Kouner.

"Of course dear, you are at the Kiban head quarters on the Twelfth Constellation."

Kiba…that must mean…Levina.

Kouner nodded, "Thank you. By any chance do you know where I can find someone named Levina?"

"Oh, Lady Levina! Yes, yes, follow me, I will lead you to her!"

"Thank you so much!"


Devona sighed, placing her head into her hands. It had been about two hours since they all jump into the portals. Apparently, time in the portals is a lot slower than the time out side. She had never noticed before, since she was always one of the ones going in. Now, she was sitting on the edge of the lake, watching Neko play with her hair and Melanie look at her tiara.

"Man, where are they?" whined Devona.

"Oh, be quiet, you should know it takes a while," said Melanie.

"How do you know how long it should take?"

Melanie sighed and glared at her, "I know a lot more than you may think."

"Oh really?"


"Well then…what is the name of the Sage of the First Constellation?"


"What are the Sacred Constellations?"

"The First, and the Sixth."

"What are the five Higher Dragons?"

"The Gold, Bronze, Platinum, Silver, and Pearl."

"What is…Akki's middle name?"

"How in the hell would I know that?"

"I WIN!"


The victory didn't mean anything to Devona, she sighed and laid back on the ground. Slowly, the full moon was moving higher into the sky. Soon it would be midnight, and that thought scared Devona. What if they didn't make it back out? Would the portals close forever, sealing the people inside who died and even those who didn't?

Devona bit her lip, and tried not to think about that. The thought of losing anyone for good wretched her heart. Especially if she lost Akki. Finally they were back together, and their relationship seemed to be growing more and more every day. They almost seemed closer now than what they ever were before.

Just thinking about him made her blush. He was all she ever could have asked for in a guy. He was handsome, strong, sweet, compassionate, protective, and understanding. Even though he did have his down sides like his anger, stinginess, lack of trust, leadership skills, driving need to lead and yet his hatered of being the leader. He sure could be a jigsaw puzzle at times.

Melanie laid down next to Devona with a sigh. "You know, this tiara…can I keep it?"


"Damn it! Oh yeah, what is Akki's middle name?"

"He doesn't have one."

"You really are a bitch."


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