Story: Vincent was once a triggerman for the Corporation until they killed him. Now Vincent is given a second chance to come back to life and take his revenge on the whole corporation with only one consequence.

Issue 1: Death by Rain

( ) Indicates the actions

(Before the story kicks in)

Setting: In an alley as its raining

Lee: (Punches Vincent in his stomach and then punches him in the face hard.) You know you shouldn't have done what you did.

Vincent: (Bends over from his hit in the stomach and spits out some blood and then gets punched to the ground, tries to get off the ground)

Lee: (walks over to him and steps on his hand then kicks him in the ribs) Why'd you betray us like you did?

Vincent: (Runs with blood dripping out his mouth at Lee)

Lee: (Holding his customized machine gun at Vincent's head) You were my best friend since I could remember I'm sorry it has to end like this

Vincent: (looks at him in his eyes) You know you don't want to pull that trigger

Lee: And how would you know that I don't want to do it?

Vincent: Because you know that I will…

Lee: (Pulls the trigger back and 7 bullets goes in his body, the shells from the bullets hit the ground)


Vincent: (His body pours blood out of the holes made from the bullets and drops to the ground making a puddle of blood surrounding him and a few inches away from him)

Lee: (looks at him) That goes to show don't mess with the Corporation (walks from out of the alley where he killed Vincent and turns the coner)

Setting: Vincent walking from out of the alley 6 years later

Vincent: (looks at his body as it has scars and holes in its body) Those basterds are going to pay in hell for what they did to me especially Lee.

Setting: Corporation

Man A: (walks into the bosses office) Boss I have a message for you

Boss: (sitting in his leather black chair turned around from the door) What's the message?

Man A: It's really not a message but its something about someone named vicent or something close to that

Boss: (turns around in his chair and looks into the man's eyes) It couldn't be I killed him 6 years from this damn day!

Man A: Well Stanley said he seen him walking out of an alley

Lee: I want you to go and gather up some of the men and bring them out there tonight understand?!

Man A: I got ya boss (turns around and runs to his door)

Lee: Don't fucking mess up if you do I will kill you my damn self!!

Setting: Nighttime in the alley with Vincent

Vincent: (leans against a wall on the right side and feels on his body) Its like new but how? (Looks to his right and sees a man in the shadows)

Unknown name: Look beside you you'll need it on your journey

Vincent: who the hell are you?

Unknown name: (leaves into the shadows) and yells Look beside you…

Vincent: (looks down beside him and sees two custom .45 dual handguns and picks them up and aims them into the air) Damn basterds will rot in fucking hell when I done with them sees a light coming down the alley and points his guns to the light

Man A: Spread out men and kill anyone you see

Men: Right. (Start running in different directions)

Man a: (walks straight into the alley) Vicent or what ever your name is we know you're in here show yourself

Vincent: (gets off the ground and jumps walks towards him with his guns on his side) You want something?

Man A: How can it be that your still alive Mr. Anderson killed you 6 years ago on this same day in this same alley. And you was wearing the same damn clothes

Vincent: You want me to tell you, like really you want ME TO TELL A FUCKING CORPORATION MEMBER HOW I CAME BACK ALIVE!? Holds his handguns at his head

Man A: Men he's over here! Vicent you don't want to kill me because you will only die.

Vincent: Don't you think I will just come back again and again and again until I kill you all?

20 Men: (comes from behind Vincent and aim their guns at him)

5 men: (gets on each side of man a)

Man a: Well Vincent you will die once again, hope you like hell!

Vincent: I hope you do to! (Jumps in slow motion at Man A and shoots 1 bullet at him and shoots the men beside him in the head also and watches as the blood emerges from their bodies)

20 men: Die!!! (Fires all their bullets at Vincent but miss every shot)

Vincent: (walks from out of the smoke they caused and walks in the middle of their view) You missed but I wont! (Fires again a full clip of bullets at all of them accept one of them and watches as they fall and blood comes out their body)

Man C: (looks at his face) Looks like its only you and me. (Drops his machine gun and reaches in his pocket and brings out his knife and holds it in his hands)

Vincent: (puts his guns in their holsters and runs at the one left and kicks him on his leg, then punches him in the ribs, then grabs onto his head and squeezes it until he drops the knife)

Man C: (screams from the kick to his leg then spits blood on the ground and then gets lifted into the air by his head and drops his knife)

Vincent: (punches him ten times in the stomach the throws him hard into a wall)

Man C: (spits massive blood out his mouth then gets thrown into a wall making a body print dent on it)

Vincent: (dusts his clothes off and walks out of the alley, turns around to the man sliding off the wall Corporation..)

Man D: (jumps off a high building landing on Vincent) You ass, did you really think you could beat the corporation?

Vincent: That was the wrong move to do boy…

Man D: (Stands over top of his head) Yea what you going to do about it?

Vincent: You'll see soon enough (grabs onto his ankles and gets up knocking him to the ground. He then grabs onto his head and throws him up against the wall.)

Man D: (takes his hits and while he is on the wall he opens his mouth a little bit)

Vincent: (notices that he opened his mouth some and shoots an ass load of maggots in his mouth. Let's go of him and walks out of the alley and into the road)

I love what I do.