Nova Quest

Season Finally

Issue 14: Trail of Death

It was a warm Tuesday night. A good night for getting my revenge back if you ask me. There I was at the gates of corporation. There wasn't nothing or anyone who could stop me from killing everyone in that building but one person. The person who killed me once. Damn it enough with this shit it's fucking payback time.

Vincent looked down at his hands, seeing nothing but one gun in each hand.

He looked at the camera ontop of the gate and gave it a smile before he put a bullet through it.

Inside of corporation the green alarm sounded off warning everyone to get to the gates as quickly as they can.

As soon as Vincent hopped over the black gate a few guards dressed in red was headed in his direction.

"This should be fun." Vincent said as he started to run towards the guards.

The guards stopped running and stood their ground as they took their guns out and aimed them at Vincent.

Vincent continued to run at the guards with a smile on his face.

He jumpped into the air and dissappeared.

"..Where'd he..?" A guard said in confusion.

Vincent reappeared behind the guards and tap one on the shoulder.

"..go..?'' He said as his fists lit up on fire and punched the guard in his stomach sending his whole hand through the guard.

There other guards turner around and started to shoot at vincent.

Vincent blew cold air from his mouth and froze them there.

He turned around to see thousands of men running towards him.

"Now this will be fun." Vincent said as he ran quickly at the men.

He ran right past them and turned around to see if anyone seen him run through them.

No one noticed and he pulled his two customized guns out and started shooting the men in the head.

They all turned around and started firing bullets at Vincent.

Vincent put his left gun away and tossed a smoke bomb in the air.

As soon as the smoke bomb hit the ground it exploded with smoke every where.

The guards continued to shoot.

Vincent thrown three more smoke bombs into the air.

"That should do it." Vincent said as he jumpped through a window inside of corporation.

"Hey they changed this place up a bit." Vincent said as he looked up the stairs to see Lee looking down on him.

"What's up Lee?" Vincent said as he started to walk up the stairs.

"You'll be in a few minutes." Lee told Vincent as he told his men to go kill him.

Lee walked away and headed for the roof of the building.

Fifty men walked down the stairs all firing shots at Vincent missing everyone of them.

"If you want to live you will drop your guns and get out of my way." Vincent told them.

None of them listen and continued to fire more shots at him.

He got shot in his right shoulder and got pissed.

"Damn bastards!" He shouted out loud as he sent a fierce wall of fire toward them.

They screamed for a second then Disintegrated into the fire.

Vincent continued to walk up the stairs and out the door leading to the roof.

Once he got on top of the roof he seen Lee sitting in a chair half way sleep.

Vincent walked over to him and smacked him with his gun.

"Wake the hell up Lee." Vincent said as he smacked him once more.

"Damn it!" Vincent shouted out at he shot Lee ten times in the head.

Instead of blood coming out of his head cotton did.

"So you was going to kill me Vincent?" Lee asked.

"Damn right." Vincent said as he turned around to get a gun in his face.

"Will I kill you Vincent?" Lee asked.

"No." Vincent told him.

"Why is that?" Lee asked him.

"Two reasons. One i'm all ready dead." Vincent told him.

"The other?" Lee asked.

" Your dead." Vincent told him and he ducked under his gun and pulled his gun out.

Vincent shot lee in his left leg then his right leg. Then he got up off the ground and shot him in the head twenty-eight times.

Lee's body dropped to the ground headless.

"You was my brother and close friend." Vincent said to the dead Lee.

"It didn't have to end like this but it did." Vincent told him.

"I'll see you in hell brother." Vincent said as he turned around and ran off the building.

He was falling at tremendous speed heading straight for the water on the other side of the building.

Before he reached the water he got shot twice by two men ontop of the roof.

He hit the water and turned around and looked at the building.

"Fucking bastards! I'll see ya'll in hell too!" He said as the gernade went off on the roof and destroyed the building.

Now I can finally rest knowing that Corporation is no longer there. Brother I'm sorry you had to die but I know if you had to die by anyone you wanted it to be me. No i'm not dead. I can never die or can I?

The end.

A/N: I hope ya'll liked this last issue of this season and I'm sorry that I took so long bringing this too ya'll but it's here now and I hope I get lots of reviews for this.