As I dance in the rain of a thousand regrets,

You stand above me laughing.

And as I try to forget all that I've done

You smile and start clapping.

I'm waiting for some day

When you tell me what the view is like from up there.

How small I must look to you.

It makes me wonder if you can even care.

Will you walk around that corner once again?

I miss the look your eyes when we said goodbye.

It eats me alive just being a friend.

All those moments at home I feel my cold heart die.

Are you talking in riddles the way I do?

Or is it just a mistake that you play my game.

Sometimes I think you're all in my head,

If we met in real life you wouldn't be the same.

As I dance in the pain of a thousand regrets,

I stand bellow you begging

For a reason to stop thinking how sorry I am.

Or perhaps a lesson in forgetting….