Can't We Be Friends?

I'm feeling a little too heavy

The weight pressing down

A hearty smile at first

Lowering into a frown

Is this how it feels?

Is this certain and right?

Is this how it's supposed to be?

How I'm supposed to feel tonight?

Anxiously sitting by the phone

Wishing that it would ring

Jumping at any little sound

Hoping for anything

Just a little sign to know you care

Just a little something to get me through

Just a little sign you're still there

Please give me a line to hold onto

At first a little sigh

A playful little glance

A meaningful first date

A spiteful second chance

Is this how I'm supposed to feel?

Is this the way love acts?

Waiting for you to pay attention?

Hoping you'll kiss me back?

Feeling shaky all the time,

Nervous the whole day,

Trying to hold in emotions,

Can't we just be friends today?