Fragmented Dreamer

Dreaming inconstant

Incoherent visions

Revolving round in circles

Confusion clouding the thought

Dystopia insurmountable

Cracked beauty in all she stands

For none shall pass without watching her crumble

Shards of forgotten dreams litter the pavement

A phoenix in the distant sky

A remnant of her past

For now she is no longer part

Of that idea


She is now at the place where dreaming ends

Waking up to reality is eminent

Light presses against her eyelids

Attempting to force them open

She will not submit to the light

Shrouded in darkness she will not awake from this slumber

For wakefulness brings memories

Of things she'd rather forget

Fallen pieces of her skies

Litter her shattered vision

Blurred and obscure

She waits for the absolution

That has long since faded from the horizon

Her sunset comprised of hues of blue

Her night captured in crimson

She sits awake at her window

Looking out at the sleeping city below

Wondering if tonight's the night

She'll jump