My Life as a Friend to Posers

Yet again, dedicated to those who think they have the greatness to call me a friend.

My "friends" are "posers"

"Posers" are my "friends"

To me they are weak

They rely on others to set their trends

They hurt me

They make me bleed

They make me cry

But most of all,

They make me feel horrible inside

I spend my life in sorrow

Wasting away

Sometimes I wish I didn't have any friends

If it meant not having to deal with their horrible ways

They hate me

They scare me

They torture me to the point I might die

But in the end,

I'm already dead inside

To them I'm the lion,

Just lying in wait

To catch their feeble bodies

In the grasslands of fate

They think they are powerful

They think they control me

They think they won

But in my opinion

They are the nightmare I wake up from

They may think I'm confused,thatI'mdry

They are the ones that are nothing inside

In the end we all know

That my highwisdom will win out over their low