She was beautiful, her long raven hair framed a heart shaped faced. She had big, beautiful dark brown eyes and a smile that could light up any room. Her name was Fatima Isabel Correia and she had just moved to Cohasset from Randolph. The most dramtic change of her life ,she went from hoody to snooty.
This move was because of a promotion her father recieved. He was now a partner in a big law firm. Her mother was esctatic, they were living in a bigger house and she could decorate it however she wanted to. Her older brother Duarte was pissed because he was leaving his girlfriend, Felicity back in Randolph. WHich, Fatima thought was a good thing because she was two-timing him. She tried to tell him once but he just slammed the door on her. This move was a big deal to everyone in the family. Fatima was probably the most upset of anyone. She was leaving her best friend, Sarai, behind.

Sarai had been there through everything, the bad grades, detentions,groundings, she was even there when her cousin died. Sarai meant everything to Fatima, and now she was an hour away. Which doesn't seem much, but to Fatima it seemed like Sarai was countries away.
The summer had passed quickly and it was finally the first day of school. Right before she left the house to catch the bus to Cohasset High, she called Sarai and wished her luck and told her she would be thinking of her all day. She then hung up the phone and went to the bus stop.
At the bus stop there was a tall, lankey boy with messed up brown hair and piercing green eyes. He was leaning against the telephone pole with his hands buried in his jean pockets. Standing near him was a short girl with strawberry blonde hair. She was wearing a short jean skirt with a tan tank top and matching sandals. Fatima took a deep breath and walked over to the bus stop.

The blonde girl saw her coming and waved. Fatima smiled and waved back. She felt like an outsider in her black and red Fubu sweatsuit-material dress and matching red and black Chucks. The tall boy looked at her for a brief moment and then returned to staring at the ground.

"Hi are you the new girl who moved down the street at the beginning of the summer?" The blonde girl asked when Fatiuma finally reached the stop.

"Yea, that's me." She smiled awkwardly.

"How come I haven't seen you at all? I live about six houses down and I haven't seen you once. My name is Joy, by the way. Joy Hall"
"I've spent most of the summer back in Randolph.Nice to meet ya, I'm Fatima Correia."

"What a pretty name! Oh I see. Well I hope we get to be great friends!" Joy giggled. Fatima just smiled and nodded.
"I hope so too."

"My name's Zac." Fatima looked up at the tall boy who had finally said something.

"Zac, it took you long enough. God sometimes you are so SHY!" Joy punched Zac ligthly on his shoulder.
"Zac's my brother, twin if you want to get technical. But yea, oh look the bus is here finally. Come on!"

Fatima smiled at Zac as she followed Joy onto the bus and sat next to her. She was starting to feel a bit more comfortable after Joy introduced her to some of the girls on the bus. There was Diana, Jen, Lee, and Mel. They talked about all kinds of things, boys, school, the difference between Randolph and Cohasset. All of a sudden they were there. Cohasset High stood in front of Fatima as she stepped of the bus. She took a deep breath once again and followed Joy and the girls into school. Without her knowing, Zac watched her the entire way.