The Best I have ever had

As I watch the sunset
I think of you
And ever song I hear
With the lyrics of my heart
I think of you
Every mountain
And wild tree I pass
You are all I want
When I slip and fall
All covered with snow
You are the one in my mind
I just want you here
The sun doesn't set as
Beautiful without you
During the days and nights
Touching your soft skin
Would make it all worth while
As the day turns to night
I realized you're the best
I ever had
So you stole my heart
I hope I stole yours
I will always cherish
The day we met and never forget the day we kissed
It's the strongest
What we are like
The moon and star
Far in distance
Two separate lives
Reaching for ones affection
So different; but so alike
Coming closer with each
Day that moves on
I watch them
While I think of you
And knowing….
You are the best I have ever had

Written by Nicky
Posted by Tenchi Masaki