Sleeping Awake

Insomnia at it's worst

Lying awake too tired to think about sleeping

Wish I could close my eyes and dream

But sleep is resting somewhere else tonight

And so I lie here in dreams

Can't stop sleeping awake

Closed eyes and a vision of you

Only seem to keep me awake, realizing the truth:

You are not with me

And never shall be

It's not only your memory that steals my sleep

For sanity runs its own course

And prefers not to tell me anything of its plans

Complacent as those may be

In a moment in the middle of the night

Watching the grayness of the new morn arrive

A clear thought presents itself in the midst of confusion

Relief is sweeter than revenge, so I close my eyes

Yet sleep will not comfort me

Slipping into my subconscious

Haunted by visions of fantasy

Wandering forever in a self-made winter

The ghosts of past dreams pass me by

As I sit and wait for you

'Cause only in my dreams you become real

And so Fiction is my reality