warning: This warning includes: homosexuality, inappropriate language, violence, abuse, and other things that may be inappropriate for those who are young. Reason to why it is rated M. Readers be advised.

.::There was a boy::.


There was a boy

A very strange

Enchanted boy

They say he wandered

Very far, very far

Over land and sea

A little shy and sad of eye

But very wise was he

And then one day

One magic day

He passed my way

While we spoke

Of many things

Fools and kings

This he said to me

"The greatest thing

You'll ever learn

Is just to love and

Be loved in return"


( i )



ELLEN stands annoyingly at the door of MIKEY'S BEDROOM, shaking her head at the sight of the lump underneath the black bed sheets of the bed in the middle of the room.

Ellen, Mikey's mom, walks briskly over to the side of the bed.


Get up Mikey, you're going to be late if you don't!

The lump stirs slightly, a groan of sorts emitting from the bed sheets, but seem to be the only signs of living underneath the black.


Ugh…ten more minutes mom…

Ellen exasperated, tosses Mikey's bed sheet aside and rolls a limp, dark haired figure off the bed alongside it.


Now if I find you on the floor when I'm back-


Alright, alright I'm up now.

Nodding firmly, Ellen walks out of the bedroom tossing aside her brown hair, heading downstairs.

Mikey runs a tired hand over his face, mussing the tendrils of chestnut hair across his forehead.


Bah who cares about school 'cause I certainly don't?

Mikey shuffles off of the dark red-carpeted floor and ambles lamely into the joint bathroom connected to his own bedroom.


MIKEY leans tiredly against the edge of the white counter of the sink, his slumped figure evident from the long mirror of the bathroom. Beside him, a similar figure stands expectantly at the other sink a few feet from Mikey.

The figure is chestnut haired also, and from the obvious likings, seems more than similar to Mikey. NOEL, Mikey's twin brother, continues to watch Mikey expectantly.


Heya Mikey! Ready for -our- big day?

Noel the bouncy, chestnut haired twin to Mikey, currently running his hands excitedly under the running water of the tap.



Mikey rolls his eyes while reaching for his own blue toothbrush and squeezing Colgate toothpaste on its bristles.


It's going to be awesome! And guess what!



You're supposed to guess here…we share both the same

Drama and Science class together!

Even lunch!

Mikey looks blankly at the ecstatic Noel and continues to brush his teeth while Noel smiles broadly.

A few moments pass.


That's great Noel…


You can drive me crazy even more.


It sure is, I just can't -wait- Mikey.

Mikey seeming bored at this point, rinses out his mouth and ambles his way back into his bedroom-where he was to go and change, without the constant chatter of his annoying twin Noel.



Both dark haired twins can be seen in the kitchen; NOEL bent over the cupboard looking for something while MIKEY toys with the cereal in his bowl, not paying much attention. ELLEN hovers over Noel, bickering teasingly over the current conflict between Noel and the cupboard.


Noel, just grab some corn flakes as

your brother has done.


I -can't- mom! I need to have a well-proportioned

breakfast this morning and that -doesn't-

include a measly bowl of corn flakes!

Noel pulls out a recognizable red box of the hidden Froot Loops and bounds to the table where Mikey is currently "eating" and grabs himself a bowl.


I have no idea where you get the

taste to like that stuff.

Mikey stares disdainfully at the box, a slight glare directed at the 'infamous' blue toucan, smiling annoyingly back at him from the box.


It's Froot Loops! Everyone -loves- Froot Loops!

Mikey only sighs in response and gingerly gets up from his chair and tosses his bowl in the sink-fortunately.


Noel hurry up okay? It'd suck to be late.



-That- coming from someone who

wouldn't have minded not going to school

at -all- just a few minutes ago.

Mikey strides out of the kitchen, and leaves both Noel and Ellen.



Wome Smecand!




One-second mom.


Yeah what he said.

Noel chews hurriedly through his bowl of Froot Loops and leaps off of the chair, running to the front foyer where both Mikey and his bag were waiting.


Don't stay too late after school you two!

Mikey only grunts back a response, slipping on his worn out black runners, Noel messily stretching on a bright, and yellow jacket of his own. With the two done and set to go, Mikey shrugs on a black windbreaker continuing the pattern of all black alongside his black jeans and shirt, while Noel happily sports the yellow jacket on top of his yellow sweater and blue jeans and red sneakers…quite the fashion trend setters these two seem to be-must run in the twin's genes.



Both NOEL and MIKEY stand abruptly in front of the towering high school-watching the binge of kids tiredly scampering past them and into the school itself. This being the first day of high school, and a new high school at that for these two-having only each other as familiar faces doesn't seem to work -too- good for Mikey. The high school is big though and only being 50 years old it seems in good enough shape, but that's only the outside-with small green shrubbery planted along it's sides and open grass around the whole of it.


Well…this is it Mikey, time to go in I suppose.



Mikey walks slowly behind the excited Noel, slumped forward while walking through the streams of fellow students and into the school.


NOEL pushes through the rest of the kids while MIKEY barely manages to do so himself.


God, I've just walked in and I already know

that this will be a boring school year as it is.

So many fucking kids everywhere, I mean

hell I'm surprised there's enough oxygen for us

to breath in, let alone walk through.

Well I may as well save the -real- complaining

for later on huh.

( i )


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