warning: This warning includes: homosexuality, inappropriate language, violence, abuse, and other things that may be inappropriate for those who are young. Reason to why it is rated M. Readers be advised.

.::There was a boy::.


There was a boy

A very strange

Enchanted boy

They say he wandered

Very far, very far

Over land and sea

A little shy and sad of eye

But very wise was he

And then one day

One magic day

He passed my way

While we spoke

Of many things

Fools and kings

This he said to me

"The greatest thing

You'll ever learn

Is just to love and

Be loved in return"


( i )




The bedroom is dark and gloomy, none of the lights on but a curtained window remains open; moonlight and blotchy light from a nearby lamppost, streams in. The bedroom is dim enough to make out two figures seated on the bed, talking excitedly between one another.


I still think you shouldn't

have led her on.


What was I supposed to do?

Say no?! I'm not THAT heartless Rain,

as much as you might think…


I don't think you're heartless.

And you know that Mikey.


But I'm just biased. What do you

expect me to say?


GO out with her, BE her boyfriend!

What do I care? I'm just some poor

schmuck who's MADLY in love with…

RAIN'S eyes widen slightly, allowing himself to trail off, leaving his sentence unfinished…

Expectant and steadily awkward silence reigns between the two, both MIKEY and Rain looking away from each other.


SHIT! Why the hell did I just say

that out loud?! I wasn't supposed to

tell him…he wasn't supposed to know.

I don't want to make him feel rushed! I

don't want him to think I'm just

THRUSTING this out on him!


That'd be unfair to him…

Rain coughs, clearing his throat uncomfortably, fidgeting with the hem of his black hoodie.





Rain glances Mikey's way, unable to decipher the look on his face or the dimmed shine in his hazel eyes, because of the overbearing shadows in the room and the lack of light.



What are you trying to say, Rain…?

You're hiding something from me,

I know it. You've been cutting yourself

off a lot, lately.

(a beat)

But what is it? What are you trying to NOT

tell me? Please Rain, I don't like this



This feeling of uncertainty, of not knowing

anything; or at least, anything about what

Rain keeps trying to say. How does he

THINK I feel?! What? Does he think

I HAVEN'T noticed?!


He's crazy then. If he thinks that lowly of me…

I mean, I'm his boyfriend! I'm meant to worry

and care especially about him, aren't I?

(a beat)

I'm so confused, I don't know what to do…



Don't be this way Mikey; don't act like

this. For me, BECAUSE of me…not

like this…

Mikey growls lowly, fisting his hands at his sides and managing to tone down his distressed glare. Looking more somber than anything else.


Well, damnit Rain. I don't know how

else I'm supposed to act…to FEEL.

I'm sorry for being concerned then,

I'm sorry for even wanting to know.


Besides the fact I'm your boyfriend,

which doesn't even seem to matter to

you anymore, there's no need for me

to be concerned. You can take care

of yourself.

Mikey sneers this irritatingly, shifting himself off of the bed, legs dangling from it, eager to get off of it and away from Rain.



Mikey. Wait. PLEASE!

Rain lurches forward and grasps onto Mikey's stray arm quickly, holding him firmly, keeping Mikey at bay.



Don't be mad at me Mikey.

Of all things, that's what I LEAST

want from you.


Don't think I don't appreciate it.

You. I'm grateful of you SO much

that…I can't even explain it.


There's just no words for it.

So please, don't be mad at me, don't

think I DON'T care. Because I do.

Rain's grip on Mikey's arm loosens, hand falling back down on the bed; seeming dejected.



But just go. That's all I wanted

you to know, before you left

that is.


I don't want to be the reason to

why you're mad. You can be mad

at me, by all means, HATE me.

But everyone else…they don't

deserve it.


'Least of all, you…

A beat

Mikey turns around, looking over Rain's sober form, hunched over, on the bed. He breathes in quietly, tucking a strand of faint pink behind his ear.



Fuck you…

Rain looks up at the muttered sound, dark eyes watching Mikey confusedly. Mikey simply glares back though, huffing loudly.



You knew by saying

something like that, I couldn't

keep my grudge on you.

Especially if you say something

that nice and expect me to leave

right AFTER hearing it.

He bounds suddenly, launching himself on top of Rain, and pinning him down under him. Fists start pounding down onto Rain's chest.




He punches Rain hard, Rain grunting in pain in response but doing nothing to get Mikey off of him.


Why do you make me feel

like this?! This feeling that

no matter what you do or

say, I can't stay mad at you.

I can't even HATE you, damnit!

His loose fist catches Rain in the jaw, teeth clinched and holding back a groan.



Just admit it Rain! Tell me

what you're hiding, you shutting

yourself from me isn't helping

this feeling wane! So, what is it?

Let me know, please, damnit!

Mikey pulls back a fist, ready to launch it at Rain's unprotected side.



You'll hate me if I

tell you…



Weren't you listening Rain?

I CAN'T hate you, no matter

how much I want to! I don't

know why it is, but it just is.


No, Mikey…I can't tell you.

If you want, you can keep beating

me up or leave. Whatever you prefer.

Mikey rears his head back, watching Rain with glittering irritation in his hazel eyes.

Suddenly, and with no warning, Mikey crushes his lips against' Rain's own. He's caught him off guard, by the widening of his dark eyes and immobile lips. Mikey only continues to run his lips over Rain's, kissing him hard and demandingly.

Mikey releases his lips abruptly, lips pink and glossy. Both Rain and Mikey are breathing hard, Mikey's pace more contained though.



How about that? Does that make it

clear for you? The fact I simply

CAN'T hate you. If you didn't get

it then, now, you should've.




Stop saying Mikey, and just say it.

Just TELL me what you won't say.

It'll make things THAT much


Rain instinctively wraps his arms across Mikey's back, bringing Mikey's head down and cradling his chin with one of his pale hands, the other still wrapped around him.


Oh, Mikey…why won't you just

listen to me when I say you'll hate

me. If I were to tell you…I don't

want to lose you! It's not worth it.

Admitting this to you and then…scaring

you away.

(a beat)

I'd rather you never found out,

instead of running the risk. That's how much I…



It's nothing important Mikey,

nothing you should be worrying

and fretting over.


Just stay here, lay on me for a while…

Rain's dark eyes watch Mikey intently, a small and barely noticeable smile on his lips. He caresses the soft indent of Mikey's jaw with his lean fingers, Mikey's hazel eyes slightly hooded and shimmering.



Do you love me?

Because I'm pretty sure I love

you…would make sense with

this whole turbulence of feelings

I'm having, don't you think…?

Rain's mouth falls open in shock, surprised with the ease Mikey was able to declare this admittance. Mikey watches Rain in befuddlement, cocking his head to the side innocently.



M-Mikey…don't say that. It's not

good to play around when saying…t-that.


You love me, don't you?


Or, I hope you do…


I-I…don't love me Mikey,

don't say it and don't feel it.



Why? I just admitted that I love

you and you --



Because I love you! I love you so

much that I KNOW I don't deserve you!

I first thought it might just be lust but why

am I willing to do anything for you? Give

UP everything for you?!


I'm only fifteen, I've never felt like this

before…I shouldn't feel like this. It

just doesn't make any sense.

And I hate myself for it!

Rain's eyes are dark and glittering, a wild but held back desperateness in his form. Especially his black, fathomless eyes. Mikey's own eyes are hooded but concerned, mouth slightly open.



That's all that matters.

(pecks Rain's lips)

The rest doesn't matter to me.

At least I'm not the only one in love



That would've been awkward…

don't you think?



How can you be so calm about

this?! We're two boys, who are

supposedly in love and not

out! I have REASON to be

worried about this!

Mikey smiles a small smile, amused by Rain. Rain's arms clutch at Mikey's waist, eyes widened, worried, and scared. In calming his nerves, Mikey's lips fall to the crook of Rain's neck. He slowly kisses the taut and sinewy flesh, smiling while Rain holds back a groan.



I'm not calm. I'm scared shitless

here, Rain. I'm so nervous, I could

vomit right now. It's only because

you're here and I'm here, we're

together. As long as I'm honest

to you and myself, everything will

be fine.


You're happy though, aren't you?

Don't hate yourself for loving me,

you'll just be contradicting

yourself the whole while. You'd

be contradicting me too, and

that'd make me sad.


And you wouldn't want that, now

would you?

Through all of this, Mikey's lips haven't stopped their teasing venture, his soothing words warm and persuasive against the tensing and relaxing of Rain's neck.



N-no, I wouldn't want t-that.



But you want this, right?

Mikey's pink tongue lashes out, licking coyly, just as teasing as his question was from before. Mikey continues to plant soft kisses up Rain's neck, a light moan of appreciation being heard from Rain.



M-Mikey, stop. Come on…

get up, please…I don't n-need

y-you to do this…honestly.

Saying this hastily but with stammers relishing in the pleasure of Mikey's lips attacking the underside of his jaw, Rain manages to heave Mikey off of him, holding him by the waist and watching him with fogged black eyes.


Why? What's wrong Rain…?

Are you mad at me? I'm sorry,

I didn't mean to offend you

if that's what I did, I just…

wanted to kiss you…make YOU

feel good.



You already make me feel good,

Mikey. Just having you here

with me, right now, makes me

feel FUCKING amazing…

you can't even understand.

With a knowing grin, Mikey nudges his form in between Rain's own lithe form, in between his legs, simply resting there. At the sound of Rain's pitched breath, the corners of Mikey's grinning lips tip up even more. He grinds once and swiftly against Rain's increasingly apprehensive form.



At least I know ONE part of

you is feeling FUCKING amazed

to have me here…



That's. Just. EVIL. And shut up,

I'm a healthy growing, hormonal

teenage boy, how else do you

expect me to react? NOT be



Oh, I don't mind at all.

Now, why don't I simply

HELP you with your problem…

Mikey's slim hands slide down, precariously aiming for Rain's raised erection. His hand grazes over it, mustering a trembling buck from Rain.



D-don't…you don't have t-to

do this…



But I want to do this

for you, Rain…I want to see

you blush, make you moan…

(a beat)

…be in control, if only once…

Hands shaking slightly, they slip defiantly into the hem of Rain's pants. Even through the dim light and heavy shadows, Rain's darkly blushing face is visible.


Oh, god…I have to stop him.


I SHOULD stop him but…

I just can't…

Rain releases a soft gasp, arching upwards tightly as Mikey's hands wrap gingerly around his hardened erection; it strains in Rain's pants.






I haven't done anything yet…


Fuck, yes you HAVE!

In one quick movement, Rain captures Mikey's lips above his, allowing a muffled growl to slip from between his lips. He shifts, bringing himself up alongside Mikey, leaning; slumped, against the headboard of his bed. Stifled moans are all that can be heard through the tangle of rushed and heady lips and tongues.


(pulling away)

Whoa, whoa, whoa…

lemme' catch my breath here…


(under his breath)

That felt awesome…

Tentatively and with a flushing face, Rain's hand cautiously rubs over Mikey's crotch, brushing against his hardening erection. In response, Mikey's hands still wrapped around Rain's own dick, clutch, both boys managing a breathy gasp.



Let me do this…

As if the two of them sensed it, Mikey shuffles and presses himself closer to Rain, removing one hand from Rain's pants and wrapping it around Rain's neck comfortably.



I'm nervous Rain, what if I…

mess up or something…?



How could you mess up?

Just having you this close to me…

TOUCHING me…is driving me wild

as it is…



Rain angles his head slightly, kissing the side of Mikey's neck assumingly, one arm coming up and winding itself around Mikey's waist comfortingly.



Let me tell you a secret…


I've never done this before

either…or at least with another

male, so you're not the only one.


And yeah…truth…

With a muffled murmur, Rain continues his needy ministration on Mikey, earning himself a shaky moan as response.



…t-this feels good but I-I'm…

I'm st-still n-nervous…



You have the right to be…

hell, I'm nervous too.

(a beat)

I want you to enjoy this, though…

I want to sexually gratify you here --

Mikey's lips catch Rain's own desperately, shushing him effectively. He presses closely and tightly to him, slowly but wantonly beginning to stroke Rain also. Moans and groans from both boys are muffled and stifled by each other's needy tongue and lips.

A few moments later

A hard WHAP and THUD follows, with Rain slammed haphazardly against the headboard of his bed. Mikey's form slumped over him carelessly as they continue to kiss sloppily, both boys strokes become fiercer and urgent in their unrestrained passion for one another.



F-fuck…Jesus H. C-christ…



Holy fucking Christ! Is this REALLY

happening? Are we doing what I

THINK we're doing?! If this is

a dream…I sure as hell better not get

out of it or someone's going to die…

a very PAINFUL death too! I'll hang them by

their innards if my erection isn't distracting



..god! This sure as hell doesn't feel

like a dream though…maybe my

imagination is getting the better

of me…? I sure as fuck hope not.

Mikey bucks down shakily, eyes half-lidded and bunched lustfully along Rain's diligent strokes and caresses along him. Rain merely arches up, growling lowly and thrusting needlessly into Mikey's hand now.



Oh Mikey…my beautiful Mikey…

lovely, lovely…I'm so close…mmhm…



Me too…god, me fucking too…


The bed groans, screeching beneath them, the slight racket of the headboard scraping against the wall alongside the passionate noises being omitted.

Mikey's form begins to tremble, eyes shut blissfully and arched up in apparent pleasure, as he throws his head back with a breathless whine. He spurts restlessly into Rain's palm, taking in a heavy gasp from the feeling.

Rain thrusts forcibly into Mikey's limp hand, eyes glazed over and mouth parted silently as his climax follows right after Mikey's own. He falls back, slumped against the headboard heavily with Mikey, lax on top of him.



…Rain? Love you…a whole shit load…

or whole cream load in this case, heh.

Mikey's chuckle is quiet and under his breath, a grin tugging at the corner of Rain's lips.



Love you too…and MAN, am I glad

that wasn't just a REALLY

good dream…

A moment of comfortable silence hovers between the two boys, resigned and content.


(with a sigh)

And I'm going to have to ruin

our moment for…hygienic reasons.

(a beat)

Creamed pants aren't that comfortable,

don't you agree with me there…?

Mikey shifts upwards, struggling to lift himself off of Rain. Rain holds him down though, his hand still cradling Mikey's flaccid and relieved dick. Mikey looks down at him with curious hazel eyes, his damp hand slipping leisurely from the fold of Rain's pants.

ZOOM IN: The hand is laden with a white substance, dripping lazily from the tips of his fingers as the remnants outline the sinewy muscles and tendons of both; his hand and fingers.

Another hand grasps his hand lightly, bringing it up and touching the tip of his dewed fingers to Rain's lips.



Give me your hand…let me

clean it up for you…

A pink tongue laps tentatively at his fingers, covering them with his mouth, closing over them gently as he begins to suckle lightly.

Mikey's eyes are drawn intently on Rain's lips, his fingers being sucked on and licked at deliciously. A bright blush dusts itself across his shadowed cheeks, resembling the faint pink strands of his strewn hair.

Rain's own eyes are closed, long lashes casting sickly shadows on his cheeks, lips rosy and cheeks flushing steadily, humming thoughtfully in the back of his throat.



Rain…you look so gorgeous right now…

don't get me started…I really don't

feel like having another orgasm.

(a beat)

I got to have at least an hour between

these things, you know…


So, stop being good at what you're

doing and don't make me horny…

With a final lavish of tongue, Rain swallows easily, removing Mikey's fingers from his mouth, kissing the tips gently. He cradles his wrist gingerly, opening Mikey's hand, revealing his palm and trailing soft kisses along the indentations.



There…you're clean now…

wasn't too bad, was it?


Your hand tastes better…

after getting the taste of me out

of the way, it's all you…



R-Rain…you're making me feel funny…


If I were a girl or feminine enough,

I'd be coddling you by now…

Mikey leans forward and kisses the side of Rain's neck sloppily, wriggling on top of him.



You're too cute for words, Mikey…

only you'd say something so

naïve but sweet at the same


Mikey murmurs inaudibly, lifting his head up from the sinewy skin of Rain's neck and looking down at Rain curiously. He cocks his head to the side innocently, eyes glittering and a faint dusting of embarrassed blush across his nose.






I make you feel funny…

Rain dutifully kisses the pads of Mikey's fingers, suckling gently on the tips now.



But you do…

With a soft smile, dark eyes dancing; Rain kisses the center of Mikey's palm one last time before promptly and without warning – flips Mikey over, switching positions and bracing his arms beside Mikey's head now.

Pink hair is strewn across the pillow, while Rain's own hair billows out behind him, shuffling along his shoulders.

His dark eyes stare down intently into Mikey's own flickering eyes, studying the gleaming contours of his face. Rain smiles sheepishly.



I'm glad I can still make

you feel funny, even after

all of this…

Mikey's face blooms into a flushed pink, eyes darting away from Rain's and looking to the side, embarrassed.



Stop…you're making fun of me…



No, no…I'm not. I'm teasing

you Mikey, LOVINGLY teasing



I love you by the way, I love you

a lot.


It's getting easier to say every

time I say it…



It sounds nice when you say it…

Rain leans his face closer to Mikey's, looking into his eyes and holding Mikey's glittering gaze.



But you know something, it'd sound

even better if you said it back…

Rain grins a knowing grin, chucking Mikey's chin with the top of his head, playfully encouraging them.



Well, I love you back, Rain…



Was that a giggle, I heard?

THE Mikey James giggling in MY presence?

(a beat)

The world must be ending, this HAS

to be a dream --


Shut up. It wasn't a giggle,

it was a…off pitch MANLY chuckle…



Of course it was…what else could

it have been…?


It was!

Dark eyes brimming with mirth, Rain lets forth a few husky chuckles. Mikey merely huffs indignantly, as Rain touches his forehead against Mikey's own, resting it there.



God…you amuse me to no

ends, Mikey…

(a beat)

Imagine if I didn't have you…?

I couldn't. All I'm certain of is,

life would be a LOT less exciting

if you weren't here…with me…

Rain closes his eyes, allowing Mikey to observe him silently. He brings a shy hand up to cradle the side of Rain's face gingerly. Rain smiles a small smile at the touch. The corner of Mikey's lips quirk in relieved happiness.

A beat


Rain! Are you upstairs?

The thudding sounds of MR. BLUE'S footsteps climbing the stairs sound out, both Mikey and Rain wide eyed.

Mikey hurriedly pushes Rain off of him, Rain caught by surprise and falling to the floor with a muffled "Oof."


Rain…? I thought you may…

(opens the door – notices Mikey)

Oh. Company, company I see…hello.

A friend of Rain's I presume?

Mikey nods dumbly.



And…where would Rain be -- ?

Rain scurries himself up and off of the floor, looking up at Mr. Blue through a curtain of black hair.


I see…

Mr. Blue looks between a dumbstruck Mikey and a slightly panting Rain.


Fuck. What have I gotten us into, now?



The evening silence is quaint and unfettered. The lampposts blurrily light up the streets as the porch light blinks on. A lean shadowy figure slips out of the front door, quietly closing the door cautiously behind it.

It sits itself down on the first step of the porch, leant forward and the crinkle of paper obvious within the silence. Sickly shadows cast themselves upon the prone form, highlighting faintly pink strands and the gentle curve of a neck.



Well…last night sure was interesting.


What does this say…?

MIKEY hunches forward while unfurling the piece of paper in his hand. The porch light weakly illuminates the note as he silently begins to read the note.


(under his breath)

Hey Mikey, it's from me, Rain – your

OH SO amazing HOMEboy. You understand.

I'm sorry about last night, I didn't expect

him to barge in like that. I think he may

suspect something between us, but he won't

say anything about it. I know him. Oh. But the

main reason I wrote you this note was NOT

to make you worry – but ask you something.

Meet me at the park, around eleven if you can,

we need to talk. In private. Love, Rain.

Mikey stares off listlessly, his hold on the note loose as it hangs from his fingertips.


But…what DOES Rain want to talk about?

I'm worried for him, I hope his dad doesn't

question him about us or…does anything drastic.

(a beat)

But whatever it is. I'm going to go meet Rain.

I love him too much NOT to, anyway.

Mikey swiftly staggers off of the porch and down the steps. He pockets the note and slips his hands into the pockets of his thin jacket, slipping into the lamppost illuminated shadows of the darkened neighbourhood and off to the park.



I'm coming Rain.


NOEL'S face peers through the window, hazel eyes following MIKEY'S receding form through the darkness.




Noel quickly moves away from the window and opens the closet quickly, snatching a yellow jacket off a hanger. He slips it on just as quickly, slipping his socked feet into white runners at the same time.



There's no way you're going off

by yourself…Noel's a' coming!

With that said, Noel quietly opens the door, looking behind him once, watching the darkness apprehensively but he nods to himself, taking in a deep breath. He slips out the doorway, closing it silently behind him, and the muted click of the door closing is all that is heard.



The football field and soccer field are eerily empty, shadows casting along the park and sprawled trees in the area. MIKEY saunters his way to the park, heading for the swing set. The only sound is the oppressed silence and the soft pattering of Mikey's steps on the sand of the playground, the swing's chain clunking together. He begins to swing idly, looking around the empty park.


Last time I came here…I kissed Rain for the

second time. Heh, well…it was more like my

FIRST initiated GAY kiss – nothing wrong with

that. Right here, same swings, same place…

but a different time…it feels almost like a

different century. ALMOST.


It seems so long ago Rain and I…

GOT together. God, I was such a

reluctant bastard back then too…

ok, I still AM. But I've

gotten better! I mean…

I even allow him to kiss me in

public…SOMETIMES, and depends

where we are too. Oh, come on. Cut. Me.

Some. SLACK.

A cool wind picks up, lifting pink strands from Mikey's forehead and tousling his hair slightly. He continues to swing softly on the swing, dragging his feet limply across the sand; as he smiles reminiscently.



Oh. I'm SO far gone.

(a beat)

I'm such a sucker.

Mikey chuckles quietly under his breath, closing his eyes comfortably and leaning back in the swing, back arched and humming thoughtfully.

ZOOM IN: A few meters behind Mikey, a tree's leaves rustle, a dark shadow casting itself across the sand of the playground. Muffled footsteps begin.

Mikey is still leant backwards, head bowed backwards while long, pink hair flows; scratching the sandy surface of the ground.

A twig breaks in half and the shifting of sand is heard. Mikey frowns somewhat, leaning his head backward, attempting to see what had caused the sound.

MIKEY'S POV: A shadowy figure, grains of sand on its head because of him being upside down. Mikey gulps.

The shadowy figure blurs forward and grasps onto the swing's chains, pulling it backwards and causing Mikey to slip from the seat. Mikey stifles a choked gasp, large hands catching him and pulling him from the swing, hands grasping.




He forces Mikey onto the ground, MR. BLUE'S form towering over him as he holds him down.



M-Mr. Blue?! Where's Rain?

What did you do to him?!

Mr. Blue grits his teeth, digging his hands into Mikey's arm furiously as he continues to hold him down in the sand, Mikey beginning to struggle, stifling a pained whine.



He's home. He changed his mind.

He decided against the idea of sending

his note but I…I sent it instead.


And like the gullible fag you are…


Mikey stiffens at this, realizing something and what MAY just happen to him. He had a foggy idea.



It's all your fault! It's YOU who

caused his relapse! Rain was fine,

he was getting through all of this but

then… YOU had to come along

and ruin EVERYTHING I had worked for!

(hoarse yell)

GAH! He's fallen back into his

condition again and all because of you!


To punctuate his anger in every word, he slaps Mikey hard, Mikey's face reddening, eyes shut tightly. But he doesn't scream out in pain. He bites the inside of his mouth.



W-what are you TALKING about?

Condition? What Rain and I are share…

it isn't a disease. You can't just go

and take him to the nearest hospital,

hoping they can CURE him or something.


If there's anyone to blame…it would be you.

YOU'RE the one scaring Rain, convincing him

that who he is, is wrong – when it isn't.

(awkward beat)

You're the one with the disease, Mr. Blue…

Mr. Blue looks down at Mikey, subdued anger flickering in his eyes. Mikey stares back, resistance reflecting from his own, a ruddy bruise growing on his cheek. In one fluent movement, Mr. Blue snarls and punches at Mikey's side; a strangled gasp ripping from his throat.



Fuck. You. I am going to

fucking kill you first, and then.

I'll fuck you like the dirty fag you are –

you'll take it from anyone, won't you?


Just as long they have a cock.

Mr. Blue beats and punches at Mikey; his face, his chest, his sides, wherever his large angry fists could reach. Mikey garbles a pained moan, struggling and clawing at Mr. Blue's arms, attempting to get him off of him. Mr. Blue isn't deterred though. Mikey rolls out from underneath Mr. Blue, leaping up and prepared to run away, yelling all the while.


(grits through his teeth)

Get BACK here. You.

Mr. Blue grabs at Mikey's ankle, pulling him back down and grappling with him once again.


NOEL runs along the sidewalk, holding the collar close to his neck, blocking the wind from his neck. Strands of chestnut hair fall in front of his eyes but he seems ignorant to it, he merely continues to run, a fresh flush painted across his cheeks.


I'm almost there, Mikey. Wait for me!

What are you up to…? Another one

of your secrets?


I hope not.

He sighs deeply, seeming more determined now.



MIKEY and MR. BLUE are rolling along the sand, Mikey fighting off Mr. Blue as Mr. Blue continues to pound Mikey with angry blows. Mr. Blue lets out a nasty punch on Mikey's jaw, causing Mikey to cry out hoarsely, blood dripping from his lip.



S-STOP! P-please…just. Stop.

Mr. Blue stops, watching Mikey and his bloody face now. Firm steps stroll along a sidewalk, being heard through the thick silence between Mikey and Mr. Blue. Mikey moves to get away from Mr. Blue, mouth opening to make a sound but Mr. Blue claps his hand over his mouth; shutting him up. Mikey struggles.



Shut. UP.

Mikey cries and yells beneath Mr. Blue's hand, flailing his legs desperately now. He seems to understand how far Mr. Blue is willing to go. He needs to get out of here.

Mr. Blue kicks out, punting Mikey in the shin, a barely audible moan sounding out.




Leaves rustle and NOEL'S darkened figure bursts through the foliage, sprinting towards Mikey and Mr. Blue.




Noel hurtles towards Mr. Blue's back, prepared to tackle him and get him off of Mikey's thrashing form. With a final kick and hook to the side of Mikey's head, Mr. Blue clambers up and off of Mikey. He wobbles away into the darkness, muttering loudly the whole while.



Mikey? Mikey…oh my god…Jesus…

Sliding onto his knees, Noel holds Mikey closely, comforting him in arms, reassuringly. Noel notes Mikey's swollen face, hooded eyes, the blood dribbling from his face, and chokes back a sob.



It s'okay…don't worry Noel, it's just

a few bruises…nothing a few band aids

and kisses can't fix.

(a beat)

Don't cry…please…

Even with Mikey's soft plea, Noel begins to cry, tears slipping from his eyes and down his cheeks. Mikey shifts in Noel's arms, clinching his teeth uncomfortably at the same time.



W-why w-would…why would someone…

DO t-that…?! T-t-to YOU!



He thinks I…I hurt Rain --


But you'd NEVER! --



I know but…he doesn't know that.


His anger simply got the better of him,

is all.

Mikey grunts in pain, shutting his eyes, holding back the urge to writhe and irritate his bruises and cuts. Noel's arms tighten around Mikey's waist, crying still, sniffling loudly.




Fuck. I'm hurting a lot…and…

it's getting really cold. Do you f-feel

it, N-Noel…?

Mikey trembles in Noel's arms, lips becoming a darkening blue, quaking also. Noel's hazel eyes widen, fear crawling up his spine as he watches Mikey shiver, not knowing what to do.




Mikey inhales a deep breath but then stops. The shivering stops too. Faint pink strands are strewn across his brow, lips set in a calm but blue line. Noel begins to shake uncontrollably, lips parted, breathing quick.




(shakes Mikey's form)

Mikey! Wake up! No, no, no…

MIKEY! This isn't funny…stop it!!

Noel sobs brokenly, lifting Mikey's lax head to his chest, holding him closely now. He rocks back and fourth, sobbing and wailing.

Black out.

( i )


end note: And that's that. There'll be an epilogue for after... yeah.

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