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Secret – Chapter 2

/Hey Dolly. /

/Hey Secret. /

/How are you this fine fine day? /

/Shitty, as always. /

/Why is that? /

/Meh, the steps are still annoying as ever. How about you? /

/I'm pretty good actually. /

/That's good. /

/So, what are you dressing up as for the masquerade? /

/Now, if I told you that, it wouldn't be a surprise now would it? /

/True. Where can I find you at the dance then? /

/How about . . . at the bottom of the staircase? /

/The big one? /

/Ya. /

/Ok, I'll see you then, Dolly. /

/Yep, lol. How's that application to the university coming? /

/I've got it filled out, and I'm going to hand it in, but it isn't going over well with either parent. They still want me to go to the Law University in Toronto. /

/That sucks. I have the pleasure of not having to ask anyone what they want me to do, but unfortunately all my mail goes first to the hands of evil step mother -makes a disgusted face-./

/So even if you got accepted, you would probably not find out. /

/Got that right, unfortunately. /

/And I thought I had it bad. /

/It's not everyday you find a modern Cinderella. The bad part about that is it's me lol. /

/Lol, true. /

/Well, I gotta go, have to do some of the many chores I've been assigned -sweat drop- talk to you later! /

/Bye. /

Molly logged off and put her computer away. She had always wondered how Secret kept his name, well, secret, from her, but she thought it had something to do with his lack of confidence when it came to his writing. She mulled over this conclusion and others as she prepared dinner. Molly made sure everything was ready to be cooked, and went in search of the phone.

"Aha!" The sixteen year old grinned when she found it lying between the cushions of the (very) plush (and very very) white couch. Almost no one used it, for all four step sisters (when all four were home) each had their own phone (all cordless, as this one was) and Louise often talked in her room anyway. Molly dialed Donny's number and they talked until she had to go put the food into the pots for cooking.

Molly was waiting at the stove, with the food on the table, when her step mother and step sisters came home. Each toted quite large bags of what could be nothing but clothes (and the odd accessory, she was sure), which were promptly dumped at her feet to be transported to their appropriate rooms. Sighing silently, Molly trudged up the stairs with half the bags and went down for the rest. Luckily, she actually got to eat dinner today (sometimes she wasn't allowed to), but she had stored some of the food in her room, kept warm under a dish towel beside her bed, just in case.

"Are the rooms prepared, Molly?" Louise asked around a mouthful of potatoes.

"Yes, Louise," Molly replied after swallowing her own.

"Their favourite sheets?"

"Yes, Louise."

"All of their things in order exactly how they left them?"

At this point, Molly nearly answered before the question was completely said, for it was asked every time her older stepsisters came home (which was about every three weeks or so). "Yes, Louise." It would have been suicide to answer before Louise was finished speaking.


The four females finished eating their dinner in silence. Molly finished last, even though she had the smallest plate of food, for if she finished first, or even second, she would get a lecture on being gluttonous and the like. Once Hilary and Monica had gone upstairs and Louise went to her office, Molly cleared the plates and washed up all the dishes. Making sure everything was in the right place and the kitchen sparkling clean, she tiptoed to her room.

Once there, she took out her books and started on her homework. At least she didn't have a project this time.


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