No Longer

No longer can I go to you for consolation

Just a memory remains

I'm starting to think I don't even want that anymore

Just forget about you

Well, it's not that easy

Time was invested

And I got attached

So it feels like I'm missing a part of me

That in truth never really existed

And this is just me and I fear might always be

I can't believe I fell for you

Told me not to...yet I don't follow rules and never have

So just when will I learn it was all for the best?

Attachment to a memory

And I'm asking myself why

I can't let it burn

And purge the ashes to the sky

But you see….I really can't

Cause the blue sky reminds me of your eyes

And the wind whispers your name

While my thoughts twist round your image

So when does this end?

When can I break the bond that was never there?

Try as I may to forget about you…

Something won't let me

And I wanna know why

Never been haunted as much

By one such as you

The others were forgotten easily

The chain broken completely

Yet I'm still attached to you