Those Sweet Words

Chapter Four

The dream was without color and sound. Could she even feel?

She looked about her in a dazed state of confusion. She was surrounded by something white and soft and cold. She held out her hand to touch it. She felt nothing as her hand slid right through it. For some reason, her heart sank, and she felt like crying. Desperately , she began to reach out all around, trying to find something to grasp, anything real, but it was fruitless. She couldn't feel a thing.

Suddenly, in the midst of her sorrow, she heard a voice. A frail, broken cry of someone dying. Instantly, something inside her ripped and she started to scream, in harmony with the soft cry. The voice responded clearly, once, then began to fade.

At once, the whiteness darken to a brooding gray--a sign of stormy death.

Chanel ran.

She had to reach the voice that was calling her. Whoever it was, they were hurting and they needed her. She had to find them.

Those were her thoughts as she sprinted through the darkness until the gray broke away and she was falling, falling into the endless sky.

Chanel released a cry of despair as the air tore against her body. The voice was still calling out to her and she sobbed because she could not help them.

And then somewhere in the blackness, a hand grabbed hers and pulled her back up into the whiteness. As soon as she touched the cold sharpness, her heart started jabbing within her chest and she screamed.


Chanel opened her tightly closed her and found herself staring at her reflection in two serene green orbs.

"Chanel," Robert said again, a little frightened of the blank, puzzled expression she had on her face. He shook her gently, but she remained cold and limp.

Chanel was still sleeping. Her mind and thoughts seemed frozen on that damn dream, and her heart was still hurting. She wondered why she had been stuck in the clouds only to fall. She wondered who was calling her.


She was suddenly aware that Robert was clinging to her tightly. Waking up, completely, she peered into his elegant face. Was it he that had been screaming her name? That would've been logic, but still, Chanel didn't think it was him. Robert didn't need her and unless she was still dreaming, she'd could still hear the voice, haunting her.

"Are you all right?" he asked worriedly.

She shifted her gaze as she lied.

"Yes." Then she looked at him again, regaining the happiness in her voice. "Why shouldn't I be?"

Robert gave her a concerned glance.

"I woke up to you crying. I'd thought you were awake at first, because you were talking. Then you screamed. Jesus, Nel You scared the hell out of me." He looked at her quizzically. "What were you dreaming about?"

"That's kind of personal, Robert. Don't you think?" she asked dryly as she moved away from him and slid off the bed. "I mean dreams are supposed to be the most intimate part of your soul."

"We are intimate," Robert told her quietly.

"Are we, Robert? Or is this just acting?" she questioned earnestly.

He stared at her for a moment before getting up and stretching. She watched him, waiting.

"To you, maybe. But I know..." He broke off, smiling secretly.

Chanel grabbed the sheet off his bed and covered her body shamefully. Robert only laughed, but it was a sad sound and he stopped quickly. He then sighed.

"I'm going to take a shower. Do you want to..."

Chanel flinched. "Not this time, Robert."

He nodded comprehensively and left the room. She waited until she heard the water running in the bathroom before throwing off the sheet and putting on her clothes. She then grabbed her bag and hurried out of his room and down the stairs. She closed the front door behind her, making sure she'd looked it before putting the key inside the flower pot on the porch.

This was a weekly routine (sometimes biweekly) of theirs. On Saturday, she'd tell her parents she was staying over a girlfriend's, go to Robert's instead, go out for a movie, come back to Robert's house, and have sex. She knew her parents didn't believer her lame lies and they knew what she was really doing. Yet they did not stop her and she would never confess. Chanel knew her deceit would catch up with her one day, but for now she'd just keep running until it did.

Because she was madly in love with Robert.

Chanel hadn't liked it at first, being in an unstable relationship with him. Robert was an extremely quiet boy and he kept to himself a lot. He rarely told anyone his personal life, even her. Although for Katy, he'd do anything.

Chanel scowled at the thought. Sometimes she wondered if it was Katy whom he loved. The thought was unwelcome, though, because it made her hate her best friend. Katy had it all but what did she have?

She sighed as Ben's face came to mind. She remembered their fallout that had happened the day before and the hateful way he'd looked at her. Her mind wondered what she had done wrong but deep in her heart she knew.

It was very depressing.

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