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Walking behind you...

I watch you, walking in front of me, walking next to her. I wanted to walk up and say something, anything, but my body was moving by itself...following you, yet not getting quite close enough. I saw you the other night, we talked, not for long though, I was speechless, and you were speechless. I was lost for words because I was in your presence and didn't know what I could say to you. You were speechless because you were thinking about her...I could see it in your eyes, you're longing for her, not wanting to be with me....waiting to be with her...to be near her, talk to her, just to be in her presence. The same way I felt about you.

I read your thoughts all the time...wanting to know whether there was a chance that you ever thought about me, that a thought of being with me ever crossed your mind...but there was never a trace of me there. All you ever thought about was her. Almost everything you did was for her and she didn't realize. She didn't know. Yet you still persevered, you stayed by her side during all those times instead of turning around and seeing me...Vying for your attention...wanting you to comfort me and not her.

I understand completely how you feel about her because I feel the same way about you. I sometimes I wonder if I look behind me will I see someone looking at me, wanting me to notice him? If I try looking behind me I know I will be greatly disappointed to find an open space so I never look back. I merely look forward; staring at your figure in front of me, hoping that you will look behind you...hoping you will notice me.

Now I'm sitting here, all alone, wondering what you're doing, wondering why I am still thinking about you even though I know I don't stand a chance. Wanting to know whether or not your feelings for her are completely true...wondering whether my feelings for you are completely true and I have to answer yes. My feelings are true. A lump forms in my throat as I think about what your answer would be. You and I are so alike so would you have the same answer? I don't want to know but my mind keeps wandering back to that question and I can't help but think that your answer is probably yes.

I talked to you again today...you were so sad...I knew you were thinking about her because you told me you were worried about "something I didn't know" but I knew...you didn't know how much I knew...no...How much I know. I know so much...as much as I imagine you know about her...I feel so heartbroken...every time you mention her...even slightly. I can't imagine why she doesn't return your affections...I would...I would. So why won't you return my affections? Don't you notice? How I'm always there? Looking over you? Wondering what you're thinking? Wondering whether I ever cross your mind? Wondering whether I will ever have a chance...

I haven't seen you in awhile...I think you're avoiding me...I don't know what I have done to deserve this but I hope it doesn't last long...I miss you so much...I want to see you so badly...I look at some pictures of you I found...and I realize that you could be looking at pictures of her...missing her...wanting to see her...and I can't help but let tears fall down my face. Is this my fault? Should I have done something? I don't know...I'm so confused...I just...I don't know

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