Chicken the turkey was crossing the road one day. A skunk sprayed him so he rolled down a hill into a chicken coop. A chicken ate one of his feathers. The farmer, Old McDonald, came out with his shotgun. He didn't have good aim, so rather than shooting Chicken, he shot all of his chickens and he was sad. So the only animal left, Chicken, walked up to the farmer and offered to be his pet. Old McDonald accepted his offer and accepted the smelly turkey as a chicken. So that's how Chicken, the smelly turkey, got his odd and misfitted name.

The End.

But what happened to the skunk? Well, he followed Chicken down the hill and into the chicken coop, which is now called a turkey coop. When he saw all the dead chickens, he screamed and accidentally sprayed all of the dead chickens. He said, "Oops." When Old McDonald heard the skunk scream, he pulled out his shotgun and fired a few odd shots. He didn't hit the skunk, though, so he just shrugged and walked away.