In Response

I know when I should let go. But there is something in human nature that keeps us pressing on just to prove a point. It's the basis of every argument ever taken place. To feel smart, to feel higher than those around you by being right… I guess it's sad really. I should stop now but I throw caution to the wind. Every lesson in maturity I've ever learned, it would appear I am setting aside now, only for now. So in response to the replies I received for "IN the Prophetic", I must thank you for contributing your opinions but I disagree.

It's not silly of me to say that for everything that takes place in the natural is merely a reflection of what goes on in the spiritual. Have you no knowledge of the War? Or do you simply deny the Most High God, and the very real powers of darkness? That would be foolishness any way you look at it because the signs are everywhere you look. I'm sorry if that sounds like condemnation but I suppose that the Truth sometimes hurts. For now, I'll leave that subject alone. I am sure that everyone has heard a bit of the Gospel, so if you have chosen to deny, it is on your own head. So assuming that my readers at least accept that there is a God (which puts them right at the same level as demons) I'll continue. The Bible states that God does nothing but that He firsts consults the saints (true believers and followers, not the hypocrites).

How, dear, do you think the Almighty consults His saints? Through His written word of course, but also in prophetic signs. I wasn't talking about Nostradamus-type prophecies. If that's what you took it as I would simply agree with you that prophecies aren't God sent, but merely coincidences misinterpreted as "holocaustpulp" put it. As for what he was talking about when he addressed true judgment, I haven't a clue. In response to one other review… when I spoke of the hickey on my neck, I wasn't saying that the Beast was coming, I was only using that as a comparison. Surely you know what that is. I know clearly what a hickey is. My overall point was that sin is pleasurable for a while but in the end is ugly. PLEASE, next time you write a review, be sure it's either on the writing technique or at least that it coincides with point of the piece. Thanks and much love to you.