Burnt raw

Hard scratches choke


Burnt in her throat


It's not enough to stop.

She's sick of it.

Dizzy exhaustion

Her every inch spinning

Balanced on a pale web

Collapsing every second

Always spinning

But never far enough to stop.

She's sick of it.

Cut deep

Her bones were weak


Its her mind that needs saving

Still they poke

They don't understand

Still she hasn't spoke

Wait till they see her hands

Stained by the fire of her throat.

She remembers autumn,

Summer never comes.

Spring doesn't belong

For such a skinny girl

Winter burns.

(And makes her sick.)

Always burning in her sky.

Burnt away the shine of her eye

Told her the truth lies

Her fingers cold and her pockets empty

Her name is all that reminds her

The numbness is an enemy.

Once again she's sick of it.

The whites so bright

Presses hard on her

Fizzing white

Plunging her into darkness.


Till it's not even cold.

She's not even sad.

They've burnt it all away

She's just sick.

Sick so much of it.