Just something I wrote



Blue is the hue

As she sets her cue

Drifting down the stairway

The light flickers

The music is on

Magic moments on Broadway

The show must go on

Her lines flow steadily

From the tip of the pen

She is the one in the pit

Watching it all end

Invisible yet needed

Her words fill the page

As the lines are said

By the Actors onstage

Years of tears and fears and sneers

She's battled them all down and walked away

Head held high, face towards the sky

She strides down the runway

Blinking in the spotlight

The unknown one appears

Ready to take the gratitude

That falls on deaf ears

Her passion, her life, her driving force

To see it all lived onstage

Running its true course

Quells some of the rage boiling

Just under the surface

The profit outweighs the gain

As tears resemble her pain

Falling nightly into an unappreciative slumber

Dreams awaken and then uncumber

Her visions

Blurred and obscure

She sits and endures

Nightly vigils to an unkept counsel

But now she sits back in the wings to wait

As empathy presents a more pressing date

Wherein she'll be fashionalbly late

To make the final journey and meet her fate