Lissa Howe


I watch the rain,

It starts to rain,

Clouds cover the sun,

Darkness covers the trees,

A dragon swoops down,

Picks me up,

Carries me away,

Above mountains and trees,

A chapel comes into view ,

We soon reach the chapel and the dragon drops me,

I walk In seeking shelter but that is not what I found,

The room filled with moron,



Line The entrance,

A guy stands at the other end of the chapel,

I walk up to him to see where I am,

An organ starts to play "The wedding March",

I turn to walk away but my feet continue forward,

I look down and all I can see is a black Wedding Dress,

I reach the alter and a burst of light summons a Priest,

"Do You take this human to be you wife under the code of force?"

He replies I do,

That's all I can remember till I woke the next night,

My neck dripping with blood,

His Mouth also dripping blood,

Ever sense then,

I've tried to escape this endless nightmare of human hunting and being my husband's Wife in this immortal state.