Story of a 'Dream'

"I like you so much"

You say to me

Romantic as a trillion magenta roses

"I would give anything"


"Just to be with you"

A tear escapes my bright eyes

Wide with enchantment

And amazement

And a sigh of relief and wonder


But not from me

From behind me

Turning with caution to see who it is

I come across a startling discovery

It's her

"Get out of my dream!"

I snap at her

Despite our friendship, it is MY dream

And I intend to enjoy it

But she does not leave

She does not acknowledge

My mere existance

"Oh, how long have I waited

For you to say those words!"

She runs to him and leaps into

His arms

"Hey, that's where I'm supposed to be!"

But kisses and kisses later

I am torn from my hell

To the blaring beeps of my clock

Time to get ready

To reenter

A different kind

Of hell