The red…

I remember you.

The sound of beeping filled his ears, followed by quiet voices and the smell of ether and formaldehyde. Veritas felt only cold, and his stomach churned as he struggled to remember what happened. He wanted to weep and sob with the darkness that was still in his vision, and horror and grief filled him as memories returned to him. For all that had happened, he had died again, only to rise in a battle that would never end. A part of him had still maintained a hope that maybe this time things could change, and he could not describe the utter despair and disappointment that swept over him. He could feel the salty tears as they trickled down his face, before he struggled to open his blue eyes, knowing what he would find.

Yet he blinked in surprise, seeing a woman and a man in white coats talking with each other in quiet tones, clipboards in their hands. The woman glanced over, a pleasant smile crossing her face when she saw him.

"You're awake. We were beginning to wonder," she laughed softly, walking over to his side. The man just grinned at him, before turning and leaving the room, yet neither answered any of the questions flitting through his mind.

"Where am I?" he whispered, voice harsh.

"Moses Taylor Hospital." She leaned down, checking his pulse as she scribbled notes on his clipboard, before turning her attention to the various machines around him. Yet Veritas was even more confused than before, not understanding what he was doing here at all, and he tilted his head to look at the woman, wincing at sudden pain. He reached his hand up, touching the bandage wrapped around his neck, fingers trailing over the white gauze and wondering at the IV stuck in his vein. He reached down to pull it out, but the woman stopped him with a gentle hand on his. "Leave it in," she said, giving him a comforting smile.

"How did I get here?" He pressed, turning his attention back to the pain in his neck. The battle returned to him, but he did not understand why he was not dead, as he thought he would be. He was certain that he was still alive at least, for had he died, the pain would have been gone by now, along with the wound.

"Your brother brought you in. He's been here all night." She smiled at him again, nodding in the direction of the corner before checking a few more machines and coming to stand at his bedside. "I need to go see my other patients, but I will check in on you later. Ring the nurse if you need anything." She finished scribbling whatever notes she needed to take, before turning and heading out, closing the door quietly behind her.

Veritas turned his gaze to the corner, where a figure he had not noticed before sat sprawled in a chair, long legs spread out in front of him and head resting in his chin. The bruises around his neck were still visible, even cast in shadow as he was, and blood was staining his faded jeans. As if sensing the other watching him, his eyes flickered open, smirking in a way that only Sin could as red eyes met blue. "Good morning sleeping beauty," he chuckled. Veritas couldn't help but smile in return.

"Why?" he whispered, expression darkening.

Sin shrugged, rising to his feet and stretching his lanky form. "I told you why already. Besides, what's the point in saving you just to let you die?" He said the words easily, yet there was a shadow of fear in his eyes.

Veritas felt suddenly like laughing, all his fears dissolved, for things had changed, even if he couldn't yet tell how. Was it possible for Sin and Virtue to coexist peacefully? He guessed they would find out, even as he struggled to turn around in the bed, pulling the IV out of his arm. "So where do we go from here?" He asked quietly, staring at the cold tiles. He jerked in surprise as a pile of clothes hit him in the chest, and he glanced up, seeing the wry smirk on Sin's face.

"Well now that I know you're not going to die, I'm getting out of here. I'll see you when I see you," he chuckled, blowing Veritas a kiss before turning and walking away, the old arrogant swagger back in his steps. He smiled to himself, feeling the other's blue eyes still on his back as he disappeared down the cold and sterile hallway.

"If I help you, it's not going to change anything, is it?"

"It's going to change everything."


Author's Notes: Hey! It's over! How about that? At least until I get the sequel written.

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