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Kate's Tale

I was born slightly before the Renaissance. I was called a plague baby because I got sick soon after I was born, but I survived. My parents had always been superstitious, and they took my dying body (I was around 3 at the time then) to a graveyard…and believing the spirits would save me…left me there to either die or be saved… I remember everything that night…I didn't die… I didn't…and I couldn't explain it, not at first. I remember feeling warm and protected…I remembered feeling all sickness leave my body and a sense of self overwhelming me. I was only three, so my sense of self was basically a wish…a wish for a family, a wish for someone to love me. I was raised by the dead, taken into the care of the spirits of the graveyard. I wanted for nothing…I felt no pain or cold. They treated me like family and raised me. I felt connected with them and they taught me their ways, their spells…their magics.

"Are you strong child?" they would ask me and I would smile and look into their eyes, whichever spirit it was.

"Yes, I am strong and I am getting stronger," I would reply. I was a child of the dead, raised by the dead and living by the dead. When I turned 21, my life would take a new turn and I headed out into the world as a necromancer. At least, that was what the spirits had called me and I found myself fascinated at everything I could do…raising spirits from the bodies of the dead and asking them their stories or using them to play tricks on those who were superstitious. For fun I would invoke spirits to become poltergeists in various houses causing panic around Europe. As I developed my powers to a further extent I realized I could raise the dead spirits and put them into living bodies…and so my reign of possessing people and using them began. I was cruel, I admit it…but after being abandoned by my own parents and the world rejecting me, forcing me to be raised by the dead I thought it was no more than they deserved, no more than anyone deserved.

I was known in the newspapers as the beautiful terror. I reveled in the title, and my powers continued to grow until I could raise the dead entirely, healing their previous bodies and letting them go back to their lives if they could. I was cruel…and I knew it. I didn't mind though, in the early hundred years at least. After a while I began to grow bored. I could only amuse myself so much with the puppets I had created, and although the possibilities seemed endless, it was still…empty to me. I grew bored with it, wanted to do something else…a challenge, that was what I needed, a real challenge.

One day I found myself walking along a dark alley in London. I heard a sudden scream piercing the black night and ran in the direction I had heard it. I didn't know why I had been running, but I just did. Normally I wouldn't care about some random murder unless I wanted to raise the person in question…but something about this seemed different to me. I ran as fast as I could and arrived at the scene. I saw someone holding onto the body of a dead man! It wasn't old enough to be a man though; the body looked more like that of a teenager.

"HEY YOU!" I exclaimed and the man who was holding onto the teen dropped the body and looked at me, blood staining his face and his eyes were tinged crimson. It was a vampire! I couldn't believe my eyes! He turned and faced me, murder in his eyes. I could see a tinge of boredom in his eyes, but it faded as he stared at me, his gaze hardening by the minute. I had fought before, but never with someone that was like me. I had never faced a creature of darkness like myself. I turned tail and ran, knowing full well he was coming after me; I heard the wind rushing behind me as I ran and heard his coat flapping as he followed closely. I had to get back home, back to the graveyard where I was stronger! I saw the familiar gates lying ahead and ran through them and they shut behind me. I began drawing on my magic and turned around in time to see the vampire leap over the gates and into my territory.

"You saw something you shouldn't have…" he said.

"I'm not one to just tell," I said bravely, pulling a few puppet strings as I called the dead to me.

"Forgive me then if I don't believe you," he replied, baring his bloody fangs for me to see. I backed up until I bumped my legs into a headstone.

"I'm not afraid of you," I said, even though a small amount of fear was showing on my face and I knew it.

"Do you honestly think I'm a fool? I see the fear on you, smell it…and I won't let you leave this graveyard alive…it's fitting you're here…all the easier to hide the body, won't you agree?" he asked and jumped towards me as I pulled the final strings and a few dead bodies surrounded him, "What in the world?"
"You're not the only supernatural thing in this city," I said, "Understood?"

"So you are one of those…I've heard of them and they're rarer than my kind," he trailed, "Pity to kill one off…"

"I don't die easily," I said, "I'm a necromancer, death doesn't scare me and neither do you!" I maneuvered the dead to go after him and watched in horror as he easily dodged every attack and destroy each body. He was a veteran in battle whereas I still had a lack of experience…that much was certain.

"I'm impressed, and it's been a long time since I've been impressed…let's continue this dance child!" he proclaimed and I summoned more of the dead to my aid, pulling the puppet strings as I did so. He fought them off easily and I found myself dodging a move he made as he came after me. My skills were nothing here…nothing could bind him nor defeat him!

"I won't give up without a fight," I murmured under my breath. He didn't seem to tire, didn't seem to waver in his resolve. He was a killer.

"Child, I don't suppose you're old enough to even understand my strength…" he trailed, "Nor your own…I'm growing tired of the game and it must end…"
"So am I," I said, drawing on the strength of the many years I had honed my craft, several hundred at the least, "And I only look young!" I called on the spirits instead of dead bodies to engulf him and bind him. He let out a scream as I pinned him to a tree with the dead.

"Necromancer!" he swore at me, spitting my name like a curse.

"I'm no fool," I said, "And you didn't win…do you want me to kill you now or later… Come to think of it, you're undead, aren't you? Why can't I just pull a few puppet strings on you as well?"
"You foolish child," he began and I slapped him, the power and emotions rushing to my head. He looked pathetic there, his blond hair glimmering in the faint moonlight, his head hanging slightly as his bindings tightened by my will.

"I am not a child vampire!" I exclaimed. Why was I bothering to talk to this murderer…I should just drag him down to hell and get it over with!

"Neither am I!" he said but then his expression changed to one of defeat…a slow change at that but a change all the same, "I should at least know the name of the one who defeated me…"

"Kate," I replied simply enough, "And who are you…the one I defeat?"
"Craig," he replied and grinned at me, "So kill me already…"
"This wouldn't have happened if you just believed I wouldn't tell…do you think anyone would believe me anyways? They would think I did it!" I exclaimed, "We're both of the night, of the dead, and we feed off the pain of the living… Don't come after me again and I shall let you go." I was reluctant in the last part, but feeling a strange attachment to him or something like that I decided to offer up an alternate to hell.

"Very well," he stated firmly, "I know when I am at a loss…" I let the spirits release him and he fell to the ground, rising in one fluid motion and locking his knees so he stood up straight. He was much taller than me, but not by much and was actually quite handsome for a vampire.

"So…what now?" I asked, feeling sheepish all of a sudden, "I don't know what to do past this point…" If he came at me again I'd fight back but for some reason I wasn't afraid of that.
"I leave and we never see each other again, agreed?" he asked and without waiting for an answer turned to leave.

"Wait, I have a question!" I exclaimed and he turned to face me.

"Only if I get to ask one as well," he said slyly.

"Fine then, but I ask first," I agreed, "Why a boy?"

"Beg pardon?" he asked in surprise, as if he had never heard someone ask the question before to him.

"Why kill a boy…I mean your kind…" I began and he smiled and wiped his mouth.

"Typically thoughts, vampires only kill pretty young female virgins…" he said, "I'll have you know I am not like that at all…"

"Then what are you like?" I asked, "If not the typical, then what?"

"I so happen to prefer men to women if you don't mind," he said and I found after a moment his answer was so ridiculous I began to laugh.

"Oh my god…" I said through my chuckles.

"God has nothing to do with it," he said dryly, "And stop laughing! I've grown quite bored though…all humans are the same, all the ones I've killed anyways."

"That's because you limit your menu, don't you?" I asked, still laughing heavily, "I use both men and women for my craft!"

"Yes, that's all fine and good…" he trailed and landed beside me, "What's with this… your mood just seemed to change in an instant! You are unlike anyone I've ever seen…"

"I don't like to fight, yeah, this whole fight thing we did was totally wimpy too…and then we're just fine with everything," I said, "I'm just tired…"

"Tired of what?" he asked, "What can you be tired of? If anything I should be the tired one…a vampire who's sick and tired of drinking human blood."

"Couldn't you just drink cow's blood or something?" I asked.

"I could…but who heard of a self respecting vampire doing such a thing?" he asked.

"Sure…whatever," I said, "Well I'm tired of raising the dead. Hearing their stories and tales…I mean, yeah, it's fine and good but I just get bored after a while…I need a new outlet for my abilities…"

"Look at me…I probably have it the worst. You could probably get work in a morgue… I'm a chemist and the world has rejected my kind for now!" he exclaimed dramatically.

"Who says I want to work?" I asked peevishly and he held up his hands.

"Sorry, I shouldn't have assumed something so ridiculous sounding," he said and leaned himself against a headstone, "Hey…I have an idea."
"What?" I asked, "What is this ridiculous idea?"

"I never said it was ridiculous!" he exclaimed, "You have issues Kate…"

"So what's you idea?" I asked dryly, sitting lightly on one of the headstones of my home.

"Let's be partners…friends…something like that," he said, "Seriously, I mean, it's not like we have anything better to do…"

"Sounds interesting, so…what next?" I asked, unsure of the next step. What did a vampire and necromancer do one teamed up?

"I don't know…" he trailed, "Something I guess…"

End Side Story

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