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"Come on, Meredith! We're going to be late!!" Meredith heard someone scream up to her room. She sighed as she stared at herself in her mirror.

"Okay, Mom! Coming!" Meredith adjusted her cap and grinned at herself. She ran downstairs and twirled around in her graduation gown. It was a solid shade of red. Clara smiled at her daughter and Meredith hugged her. "Do I look alright?"

"You look wonderful," her mother exclaimed with such vibrance.

"Thanks," Meredith replied.

"Well come on, let's go," her mother said and the two walked out of the house.

The football stadium was packed with people. It was such a beautiful day out; the birds were singing and flying around the whitest clouds. Meredith could feel her stomach fill with butterflies as they approached where she needed to be. She was going to do it! "Okay, you remember where I'll be right?"

"Of course, Mom. I remember," Mereidth said as the two parted.

"My little girl is graduating! I'm so proud of you!" Clara said to Meredith before running to catch her seat. Taking a deep breath, Meredith walked to her line. She kept her eyes out at the curtain, ignoring the glares she was getting from other students. Today was her day. They couldn't ruin it for her if they tried.

Pomp and Circumstance began to echo around the stadium as all the graduates headed to their seats. It was a sea of red and green caps and gowns. Screaming familes cheered on their children and Meredith tried not to cry. She reached her seat and sighed as the boring speeches from the schoolboard and principal started. Her eyes followed the crowds around her, and she saw the face of her crying mother. She was holding someone's hand. Meredith smiled brightly. Once the speeches were done, the counsellor of the school started to call out names. Soon, Meredith's line of students rose. Her legs's felt like jello. Numbly, she followed the other students towards the stairs that led to the small stage in the center of the field. Meredith could feel ehr hands get a little sweaty from a mixture of the heat and her nerves.

"Marcos Wheaten..." the counsellor called out into the microphone. The boy in front of her stepped up onto the stage and recieved his diploma. Meredith felt her stomach grumble in antisipation and she smiled.

I'm doing it. I'm proving to everyone that I am stronger than them.

"Meredith Wilson..." Mereidth heard her name and walked up the small set ot stairs, and onto the wooden stage. The suited counsellor smiled as she passed him and Meredith took the diploma from the principal.

"Congradulations," He said to her. As she passed him, Meredith glanced out into the crowd. Time froze for her as she watched her mother cry with joy, her hand being held by Meredith's tearful father. They both seemed so proud of her. Her eyes flew downwords and as the photographer took a snapshot of her, a brilliant smile grew on her face. She left the stage and walked back to her seat. Once she sat down, she opened the small booklet and stared at her diploma. She really had it. She beat her horrific year of high school. She was done.

As the ceremony finished, floods of graduation caps flung into the air. Meredith threw her's into the air and caught it. Her face was covered in tears. Once people began to leave, Meredith stood u and watched the clouds move into the sky. Thank you, God, she said in her thoughts. A hand touched her shoulder and she turned around to see a pair of crystal blue eyes staring back down at her.

"Congradulations, Love."

"Eric!" Meredith exclaimed. He was wearing the most elegant-looking suit she saw. It was black and grey. A silver tie ran down from his neck, and his hair was down, flowing over his shoulders. His glasses were down a little bit on his nose. He was holding a small gift in his hands. " What's this?" Meredith asked.

"A graduation gift. Open it," he replied. Mereidth nodded and took the gift, carefully opening the wrapping paper. Her eyes widdened. It was a book. The covering was velvet and brown. On the front cover, it said: The Forbidden Lust, by Meredith Wilson. Meredith couldn't believe it.

"It''s my story! The story I wrote for got it bound...oh Eric..."

"Oh, it's not just that. Open the book," Eric requested. Mereidth opened the book and on the first page, written in Eric's handwriting, it said: Don't be afraid to show your true colors. Happy graudation, Mere. Love Always, Eric.

"Oh Eric...I don't know what to say," Meredith choked. She looked up at Eric and smiled. He took her hand and made her flip the page. On that page, laid a silver ring, that was attached to the paper by some tape. On the top of the ring, lay a blue stone. Aquamarine. Meredith was breathless. "I...Eric...Wh...what is this?" She hesitated. Eric took the ring off of the paper and handed it to her.

"Would you honor me by being my wife, Meredith Wilson?" Eric asked, kneeling down. Mereidth was in shock. She looked to her side and saw her mother and father, both smiling. Her father placed a hand on her mother's shoulder and she leaned into his side. Meredith looked back at Eric, and stared at the ring he held. "Don't embarass us by keeping me waiting here..." Eric chuckled, sounding a bit nervous himself. Meredith started to cry and smiled.

"Of course I'll marry you!" she cried out. He placed the ring on her finger and stood back up. She jumped into him, throwing her arms around his neck. Her book fell to the ground as the two kissed passionately. The book opened up further as it hit the grass below. It was the last page of the story:

"No matter what the two faced, they knew they could overcome it together. Their love was stronger than steel, and more lovely than anything else in the world. They knew they ahd found their soul mates, and would always love each the ends of the earth and back.