Emma was sleeping when a sound awoke her. It sounded as if there were a gentle banging coming from the kitchen. She found this peculiar as her room mate was meant to have gone to stay at her boyfriends for the night.

Emma decided to go and see what the sound was and hoped that perhaps her room mate Veronica had just come home and was in the kitchen, maybe getting a midnight snack or something.

So Emma made her way down the hall and through the living room. On her way she looked into Veronica's bedroom to see if she was there but the bed was undisturbed and there was no sign of her presence. As she made her way through the living room the sound began to get louder. It sounded almost as if...but no.

When she entered the kitchen Emma softly called out, "Veronica?' but there was no answer, the banging noise just got louder. It was coming form the far side of the kitchen where the light switch was, so she couldn't turn on a light to check if Veronica was in the room or if it was somebody, or something else.

She once more called out to her room mate as she walked further into the kitchen, nearing the wall where the light switch was. As she neared where the banging had been coming from though, it stopped.

Suddenly the light came on, dazing her momentarily.

Hen she got her bearings and could see clearly once again, Emma saw that it was Veronica who had turned on the light. But she was covered in blood. Emma was about to ask her what had happened and if she was alright, when she noticed the strange smile that was twisting the features of her room mate for the past six months.

"You know Emma, I always did think you were pretty. Bet you tase good too."

Veronica began to advance on her and then just as she was preparing to run, Veronica pounced. She landed on top of Emma and Emma hit the floor with a sickening thud. It was at that moment that Emma saw the bloody, mutilated corpse lying on the floor. The corpse of Veronica's boyfriend James.

It was also at this point, as Veronica began to claw at Emma's skin and chew on her fingers, that she realised what had really happened to Veronica's last room mate.

She had been eaten.