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Chapter Eighteen: Día Cero

There was gossip, of course, Cedars Prep wouldn't be what it is if the kids didn't gossip. The Rush sisters had been in the center of the talk for weeks anyway, ever since Jas and Jeremy got back together. Then Marie landed one of the hottest guys of school to everyone's surprise –and more than one girl's disappointment.

Actually, Adam was very in into the whole romance thing, he was trying to be a good boyfriend to Marie and make her feel special. He was always giving her little gifs and engaging her in little bits of nonsense that only people in love understand. Oh, and there is of course Foamy. Foamy is this stuffed-toy squirrel Adam gave Marie to mark their first month anniversary.

Adam presented Foamy to Marie during lunch one day, all wrapped up in a festive paper and with a card that read: "I knew I was a nut when all the squirrels began to stare at me." Marie loved Foamy from the moment she saw him, and now he sits proudly on Marie's bed. This is, you know, ultra cute. A total 'Hail' to cuteness.

Anyway, after Adam and Marie everyone thought that was it for the Rush sisters, but then Will and I went 'official'. And two weeks later, when the polls went up in the school's website – you know, the polls to chose the 'class clown' and the 'best dressed' and such – three of the five couples running for the title of "Couple of the year" had one of the Rush sisters on it! Personally I voted for Adam and Marie.

Will and I were happy anyway, and neither of us would have appreciated being named "Couple of the year". Still, when the yearbooks went out at the end of the year, there was a picture of Will and me holding hands while walking at the school's courtyard. I bet you wanna know who won, but I'm not going to tell you.

But I will let be known that Jas' and Jeremy's photo kissing made more than a few people blush. Adam and Marie's picture was of Adam hugging her – more like holding her up in the air – and kissing her after the school's basketball team won the State championship.

Kelly and Lydia were also featured in the yearbook with special mention! On the cheerleaders section – yeah, they get whole five pages from themselves- Kelly was voted 'The smartest' by her fellow cheerleaders and rumor had it she was going to be voted Capitan once Sherry graduated. And Lydia was "The cutest" which surprised no one since Lydia had made out with half the male population of our school (grades 10 to 12). But whatever. Lydia was very pleased with herself.

I guess you could say that out of us, Lydia was the one who changed the least over the year. But I wasn't ready to give up on her, not just yet. She was young and life is full of the unexpected.

I know you want the juicy stuff. Will and I. Well, it was hard at first. Contrary to what Cosmo says, there are plenty of advantages to being single. On the other hand, on the days when I felt crappy – when the soccer team lost a game, or I got a C in French or some client was really rude to me at The Hide – I was glad to have Will; his arms were the safest place I had ever known.

And the kissing was really nice too.

Prom rolled around, Will and I went but got bored half way through it and decided to go bowling instead, you know, after we got our picture taken.

We spend the summer together. I helped him shopping for his dorm room supplies. He was going to college just one hour away but decided to move out of his parent's house anyway. But we would still get so see each other practically everyday. And if not, well, there is a reason why IM was invented. Will would get his load of "SugarRush" messages.

And when I reach this point, I guess it should be the end. Time lasts forever and not all love stories with a happy ending must end up in a wedding.

My year came in full circle, as things in life usually do. My boyfriend – the guy I once swore to hate – is off at college; my mom is still her insurable self. Kelly and Lydia still argue about clothes. Marie still spends most of her time in her room, only that Adam is there with her now… and Foamy. Jas still lives at home and still picks up after me. Charlie is still my best friend and we still diss Connie each time we got.

And I'm still me. Only that I'm a senior and I still eat insane amounts of Candy, living in a perpetual sugar rush – though love might have something to do with that too. My future awaits for me.

But I know something now that I didn't know last year:

Life is short; it's up t me to make it sweet.


End of Chapter Eighteen.





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