Note: I was wondering what inspired people to write, so this is an attempt to find out.

I named it the Eternal Poem because as the reasons that inspire people to write are simply endless, so… you just write in your review two or three lines.I'll add them to the poem as soon as I can with your name in the lines with your permission.

The first line is what inspires you, and the second and/or third is why or how. I started with some things that move me. You have my permission to use the format on your site, if you add to the poem, unless the powers that be say otherwise.

The Writer's Eternal Poem 1-26-05

Pure kindness.
Gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling
That I just have to express!

Helps me to love people (well, not all…)
And see them for who they really are.

Hate, jealousy.
Makes me feel so uncomfortable and unnerved,
Until I talk or write to resolve it, before I explode!

My hubby.
He's my inspiration
because I love him!

Raw, nasty or loving, feelings.
Seeing them in print helps to see
What's going on in me. Validation?

My family and friends.
Sharing in their lives,
Keeps me going.

My mom and sister.
I hate their endless questions-
But they sure get me to think!

Red tailed hawks.
for as long as I can remember,their grace, size
and habits have caught my imagination.

It's up to you now…

Have fun!