The Swan

Where I a white plume upon the wind

Or on sparkling waters adrift

Oh, I would float along without end

Lest trivial life leave me bereft

To shed the dull vestments of my younger days

To leave behind the world I know

Forget my fears; let the past drift away

Allow better days to grow

Oh for one day of beauty, robed in white

Transform my world; a love that's plain to see

Spread my wings – soar to new heights

With heart, soul and spirit set free

Oh for a love who can see more

Than a dull, strange girl, wrapped in a world

Of magic and mystery, haunted by days gone before

And her lonely hidden heart unfold

Ah, for someone who'll sail forever

Where the river takes us, till time is gone

A promise in faith, to keep us together

Until our souls move on

He'll see me as a swan

A/N: There are several celtic legends where heroes and gods have transformed into swans in order to experience a love that was forbidden - to this day, the birds pair for life :)