Chapter 1: First Encounter

It was a hot day today. Actually, a big, fat El Nino had hit the city, sending the 7 million or so, population of the city inside and under cover.

And I had to be in the biggest, luxurious, but damned stuffy and overpopulated shopping mall in the city. And worse, I was carrying 7 shopping bags or more, and this was only on my left arm!

"Feath!" A voice called out of the crowd of slow-moving, lumbering idiots in the food court where I was.

Turning to the source of the voice, I spotted a head of brightly-dyed orange, jumping up and down. I sighed with relief. Maddy came to the rescue again.

Madison Varting, my best friend, had secured a little table in the food court. Once I had placed the bags in a chair, Mads shot out of her chair to buy our lunches. I sat down from exhaustion.

Having some time in my hands, let me describe a bit about myself:

I am Feather Lexin, age 15, 165 centimeters, virgin and single. Due to my very creative parents, my mother bore me with a tiny feather stuck in her hair. Very funny indeed. Who the hell names their kid after the objects in their hair? My mom, apparently.

Well, at least I'm not named Dandruff. Eww.

I'm Asian. Thai, actually. I am one of those spoiled, pampered princesses. But I do know rejection too! Like all Asians, I have brownish-black hair, brown eyes and stuff. But my hair is streaked with red, making my hair look copperish in the sunlight. And of course, Mads has neon-orange hair.

Our schools allow this though. We both go to this international school where all the teachers are foreigners, so the tuition is a bitch to pay, but my parents can afford it.

A loud plunk in front of me interrupts my thoughts. I looked at it. Fettucine Alfredo. Oh yeah. My lunch.

Mads grinned at me as she plopped into the seat across from me. "Hey F, can I invite Jack along? He said that he simply couldn't be without me for two weeks! Isn't that sweet?"

My eyes widened. "No way! No freaking way! You guys are going to cuddle and smooch and fuck until I'm blue in the face!"

Mads frowned, "Bring a date along, then. Don't be mean. I want this trip to be considered our 6-month anniversary."



I could only sigh. Mads always got her way. Take Jack, her boyfriend, for example. Through persistence, Mads got her crush for 2 years to fall for her. And determination made her be able to fend off all of his eager followers. Now they were inseparable.

This time, I was jolted out of my thoughts by loud raucous laughter from the table behind me. Boys, no doubt. And seems as though they were tourists. Suddenly, the guy sitting right behind me said something that almost made me dump my lunch on his head.

"This chick behind me has the cutest ass. I wonder what it would feel like in my hands and around my cock." He said crudely in English, acting as if we Thais couldn't understand foreigners. Well excuse me! I can speak Thai, English and French! Not to mention Japanese!

Infuriated, I turned around in my chair to give him a few thoughts about his ass. What I didn't expect was to see a totally hot guy in the seat, instead of the leering jackass I had in mind. He was looking at me when I turned around and grinned wolfishly. Quickly checking him out, he had black-blue hair that made him look sexily pale. Muscled and blue-eyed, he was gorgeous. And he had an amazing ass too.

I cleared my throat and spoke in a loud, clear voice. Oh and in English too. "I'm sorry, but this ass is reserved for guys only. Perverted assholes aren't allowed."

This made the whole table of 4 guys shut up and stunned. The jackass had an 'oh shit' expression on his face.

Mission accomplished.

I turned around to meet Mads' grinning face. This dissolved into laughter instantly.

A guy came from the table and slipped into the only vacant seat at our table.

"Hey." He said, grinning boyishly. I looked at him. He had black hair too, but with green eyes and a cute face. He took this as a sign to continue.

"I just wanted to think you for finally putting my bud, Kyle, in his place. Jay at your service, ma'ams. He stuck out a hand. I cautiously took it. He grinned wider and began rubbing up and down my arm. Appalled, I yanked my arm away and Mads fixed him a glare. Chuckling, he stood up and went back to his table with a wave.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jay using the same hands he was rubbing on my arm to rub on Kyle's face. Kyle only scowled.

What the heck is happening here?