Staring at the pieces of paper fluttering before her, Leandra tried to focus on one that sounded promising. However, she found she was unable to concentrate while Dromin peered over her shoulder as he read the posts under his breath. Making an annoyed sound in her throat, she narrowed her eyes and attempted to study the pieces of paper closely, finally focusing in on one.

Vanzal Korbiz, Guard and Navigator

Will travel anywhere

Cost: $20 Que before departure, $20 Que on arrival

Next to the description of Vanzal Korbiz was a roughly drawn picture of a tall Al-Hud. Not much could be seen of him, a long tattered brown cloak covered him. The hood was pulled up, framing his dark-toned face. On each side of him was a Sire Cat, chain collars around their muscular necks.

"This one looks interesting." Dromin said from behind her, reaching out and plucking the very piece of paper Leandra was reading away. As he pulled the paper off the post, he brushed against her, causing her to suck in her breath as his body pressed into hers. But before she could identify what she was feeling, he was gone. Confused, she turned around and looked at him, taking in all his features from a new perspective. Short brown hair, slightly messy, brushing against his forehead, dark eyes, a strong nose and jaw-line, the usual pointed elvish ears...

"What are you looking at?" Coming back to the present, Leandra saw that Dromin was staring at her strangely. Looking like a mouse caught in an owl's talons, Leandra struggled for an answer.

"I…you took that piece of paper before I was done reading it." She raised her chin a notch, hoping it would disguise her blushing as the flush of anger. It obviously worked, for Dromin sighed and handed over the paper. "Thank you." She mumbled.

"I believe Vanzal Korbiz is the other guard we are searching for." She stated after she stared at the picture for a moment.

"Vanzal Korbiz you say?" The dwarf looked up from his place by the fountain where he was sharpening his axes.

"Do you know him?" Interested now, Leandra walked over to the dwarf as to not miss a word of what he was to say.

"Know of him is more like it. Some say he's a wizard, others say he's just evil. Heard he's killed travelers who'd hired him before he stole all their belongings, while others he jus' keeps around for his enjoyment, testing out new spells and poisons on them."

"Oh come now, I'm sure that is just an exaggeration. Someone who did things like that would have been captured and punished long ago."

"Believe what you want to lassie, but I know what I've heard."

"And who did you hear this from, exactly?" Dromin pushed himself upright from the post he had been leaning against. Flushing, the dwarf looked back down at his axe.

"From some friends by the posts, other times in the pubs."

"So, you're basing this presumption of yours on stories? We would need more than that to stop us from hiring someone."

"Dromin," Leandra cut in, "maybe…we should just find someone else?" Taking the paper from her, he shook his head.

"No, my senses say this is the man we want." Ignoring the dwarf's derisive snort, Dromin looked to Leandra. Thinking about Dimitri, lost all alone somewhere in the Woods, she nodded.

"We need to find this man." She took the paper back and placed it into her traveling bag. Smiling gratefully, Dromin started off, the dwarf grumbling as he plodded off after him. Why do I feel so happy? It was just a smile! Leandra watched them, her brow furrowed.Making a sound of frustration, she swung her bag onto her back and made her way after the duo, who were standing grimly a few feet away, not talking or even looking at each other.