Once Innocent Lips

You said you're going and I asked why.
You had no reason, so had to lie.
You said it was family, but really it was me.
Why couldn't you just tell me?
The truth behind the lies.
That you didn't want me and wished that I'd die.
It was always you messing around.
Never cared if, it stabbed me in the back.
I thought you cared but obviously not.
You told me that morning; I was shocked to the spot.
You just walked off checking out who was hot.
You never really cared about how it hurt me.
What did you say "This is how its gotta be"
Tears present, but never fall, not wanting you to see,
The satisfaction of downfall.
You got on the train, not even turning around.
At that point I wanted to pound you to the ground.
Was I that cheap you couldn't wave goodbye.
Now this is the point when I wanted to die.
A weak little smile across once innocent lips.
That you tainted with every passionate kiss.
Hands are getting cold, arms and legs too.
Lips once blood red, now turning blue.
Hope you like the tombstone, coz it says…

Goodbye and fuck you!!!

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