You think you know what scares me?

Rusting under your eyes,

it's as calm as a graveyard in here.

And I know you'd love to get in.

Kill the squatter and claim the throne.

It's a very lonely kingdom, I assure you.

May you always be happy there.

You think you know what makes me bleed?

You've shown me the scabs already.

We both know they don't touch the surface.

Unlike eachother...

But this is dwindling, unimportant.

All that matters is the snow on the grey.

And the arm around my shoulders.

And the fire flickering between.

You think you make me happy?

I'm laughing until my sides split.

And then you can see the rotten inside.

And know that no one can make me happy.

(But you)

No, I didn't say anything, but please don't go.

Stay here a while, and we can melt the snow.

And kiss until our lips go numb.

I'll be ready to get over my phobia,

let you in and under,

And off into the moonlight.