Mon Prince est en Chemin
by: trista groulx

My prince is always on the way
Or at least, so they say
I think he may have lost his way
His noble stallion lead astray
I know the prince is on his way
Ready and willing to take me away
Where? He will not say
But I know he's on the way
He has many demons to slay
But he must be on the way
At least so they say
I dare not let my dreams fade away
My prince is still on his way
Perhaps he got lost along the way
Lead me not astray
I know he is on his way

a/n i wrote this a while ago, again the title is french, and means my prince is on his way, the title is taken from a song from the french score of les miserables where colette sings "mon prince est en chemain" instead of "castle on a cloud" when she is stuck with her people her mother has taking care of her