- The Suicide Show -

My tears have finally run dry
It's time to moisten my skin with blood
This disease, this pain
Has eaten away the last of my sanity
Today will give birth to my ending
As I light up this cigarette
I become easily amused by the dancing flame
As I imagine what I can do to myself with it
I can smell the burning flesh that's untouched

The taste of alcohol used to be so bitter
But now it tastes so sweet, I'm addicted
Drowning myself in this poison
As I fall deep into thought
My only reason for living
Is the reason that killed me

Remember today, and be eaten alive in guilt
I want to tell you how much I really love you
But you don't deserve to hear the words come out of my mouth
You can read it, as I slice it into my naked body
It's the only way to make you understand
That I meant something to you
Let's make it dramatic
I'll broadcast it live on national television
So you can all sit and watch me
Scream, cry, and bleed to death
My show
The suicide show