This is a poem I worte about how I think my BF will feel when she moves away sad...

Torn away and ripped apart.

Stuck between what happened

And what's just about to start.

You cry endless rivers,

Full of tears you can't recall,

But even though

You're breaking down,

Your mask will hide it all.

You're the broken-hearted angel,

Being dragged by your own wings.

You want what was,

And not what is.

You've lost the joy in things.

You remember when

The stars would shine

Down upon us two,

And we would laugh as we discussed

The things we planned to do.

Your crown of glowing silver

Has melted into thorns,

And they are cutting deep and hard,

While you wish that you weren't born.

You used to know the magic spell

To cast the dark away,

But now your heart

Is drowned in tears

For debts you can't repay.

What you finally found, you lost

You're once again alone.

But now it's gone

And can't come back.

You're so far away from home.

You broken, crying angel

With your troubles here to stay.

But you can't hide it anymore

As your mask breaks

And falls away.

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