(A/N: I hope that you haven't forgotten about this story. It's taking me so long. I just got this idea a few days ago though and thought I would just write it up. This story needs major revision but, I hope you can read it and enjoy it anyway.)

Chapter 30

Katherine woke up with a drowsily. She had fallen asleep in the hall in front of Lizzi's door. The doctor had just exited and shut the door after him.

She stood and looked up at him.

"She will be well in a few days but must stay in bed for a few weeks. She will be fine," He looked at her intently.

Katherine nodded, her eyes blurry, still half asleep. "What do I need to do for her?"

"She needs broth and her warm bed... that's all," he nodded to Katherine and she nodded back.

Katherine thanked him, payed him and watched him go. She then entered Lizzi's room and watched the little girl sleep. Lizzi's figure was still and calm. Katherine was amazed that only a few hours before her body had been racked with fever and her pain unbearable. Her blond hair lay limply against the soft fabric of her pillow. Her cheeks were a nice rosy color and Katherine sighed in relief. Being a mother was so much more than she thought it would be. It was unbearable worry, irrational hope, and unmeasurable love. She didn't think she could love Lizzi and Isaac more if she had carried them in her womb for nine months.

Her hand reached out and held Lizzi's softly, rubbing her thumb softly against her skin. Things were not the way that she had hoped they would be for her and Jack since they were married. But she wouldn't change anything to where she was separate from Lizzi and Isaac.

She sang a quiet little song softly, almost to herself before she sat down in the chair next to the bed and fell asleep.


Katherine woke up again and found everyone to be asleep still. It was early in the morning and she had only slept a few hours. She hurried to clean the house, cleaning almost everything in sight. She was nervous and found the cleaning to be relaxing. She then made breakfast for Jack and Isaac and a hot broth for Lizzi.

She brought Lizzi her breakfast first and found her to be awake and looking around the room.

"How are you feeling darling?" Katherine asked lovingly as she carefully placed the tray on her lap.

"Better... I am hungry," she looked at the bowl of broth with longing and Katherine quickly handed her the spoon.

"I will be right back," Katherine went to get Jack and Isaac's trays and brought them to their nightstands, finding them to both be asleep still.

When she got back to Lizzi the little girl was asleep with her tray still across her lap. Katherine brushed her hair back from her forehead and put the tray away.

She found Isaac wide awake and full of energy hopping down the stairs. "Mama! I want to go see uncle Stephen!"

Isaac loved his new uncle Stephen and often visited him. Although Katherine would love to have someone else take care of Isaac for the day since he was quite a handful and she was very tired, she knew that Stephen was working.

"He's busy darling... maybe in a few days,"

Isaac mumbled under his breath and went outside to play.

Katherine smiled a little after him and entered her bedroom. It was dark in the room and Katherine went to the fireplace and took a few moments to start a fire. She stood and turned around, jumping as she saw that Jack was awake and was on one elbow watching her.

She held and hand to her chest gently. "You scared me,"

"Expected to see someone else?" he teased her as he stood up from the bed and walked over towards her. She turned away from him purposely. He wasn't going to get away with what he'd done.

"Katherine..." he whispered into her ear as her put his arms around her waist, "I love you," He sounded as if he was pleading. His hands pulled her closer as his lips found her neck, tenderly kissing her, licking her skin gently.

"Don't... Jack..." she whispered incoherently as she tilted her neck against his shoulder against her own will. "Stop... don't... no... mm..." she kept mumbling things as he kissed the back of her neck and traveled down her shoulders. His hands stayed at her waist, pulling her even closer the whole time.

Her eyes stayed closed and she brought her hips back against his, the way she knew that he liked it. His hands trailed down the front of her thighs and then he stumbled back against the bed, taking her with him.

He layed her down on the bed in front of him and looked into her eyes for a moment before continuing to kiss her neck. His eyes were intense, hungry, loving, and scared. His kisses were different, rushed, demanding. It scared Katherine.

"Stop," She said firmly and put her hands on his chest to push him away from her.

He wouldn't look at her again and it troubled her. She mumbled a few things but all he heard was, "I need to check on Isaac,"

She stood from the bed, her skirts rustling behind her, and she left him alone.


Jack came down the stairs a few moments later just as Katherine was sitting outside to watch Isaac play. He started to walk away and Katherine called out to him, "Where are you going?"

He turned around to look at her. "Working," was all he said and turned to start walking again.

"What do you mean working?" She asked in a motherly fashion as she got up and walked after him. She held her hands on her hips and looked directly at him.

He still couldn't look at her.

"You need to take a few days off..." She walked right up to him and put her hands against his chest lovingly. "Go back to bed,"

His eyes shot up to her, "I can't take days off!" He snapped at her. "I have things I must do...

I have to get ready."

He walked away from her not bothering to wait for her reply. "Ready for what?!" She yelled after him.