This poem is dedicated to my friend, who we're worried might be conisidering suicide. It's trying to remind her that life doesn't always suck from sea to shining sea. And yes, we've done most of this stuff in school, including the conga line.

Life Is

It's the pure and silver moonlight

It's the beating of your heart

It's the softly flickering candle

Calling "It's about to start."

It's the strongly fragrant flowers

And the deep and drifted snow

It's the many paths worth taking

It's not knowing where to go.

It's the songs of winged angels

It's the calling of the bell

That rings throughout the city

Gladly tidings for to tell.

It's a tiny, purring kitten

Snuggled close up to the fire

It's the wings your friends can give you

As they carry you up higher.

It's the lazy days of nothing

When you lie around in bed

And the bad test scores that make you

Slam your textbook to you head.

It's making all the people stare

When you form a conga line

And when you're done, assuring them

That your brain is "fine".

It's laughing at the lunch table

At something someone said

It's writing down your memories

Late at night in bed.

It's crying when your dog dies,

And having friends cry too.

It's knowing someone's always there

And watching over you.

It's crushing on the boy next door,

It's Christmas eggnog too

It's lots of cookies, chips and cake

It's Jell-O that is blue.

It's blasting heavy metal

On your boom box in your room

And storming into homeroom swearing

Your life's a living doom.

It's big cake-eating contests

At the Grand Sea World Café

It's IM on the Internet

Until the break of day.

It's little secret phone call

At precisely 1 AM

And hoping parents won't find out

That you snuck out again.

It's saving friends from evil boys

And making fingers crack.

It's whacking them for the fun of it

And getting whacked right back.

It's those times you spend in solitude

Away from all the world

When only you can hear yourself

And your banner is unfurled.

It's sleeping over weekly.

And quiet midnight laughs

It's lots and lots of tickle fights.

It's soothing bubble baths.

It's getting your first laptop

And your very own cell phone.

It's memorizing all the names

Of Japanese manga known.

It's fighting over bags of chips

And ripping them in half.

It's going hiking in the woods

And straying off the path.

It's good and bad things, old and new,

It's smiles and it is grief.

It's wonderful, no matter what,

So, please, oh please, don't leave.


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